Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The making of a picture with a smile

I love to have smiling pictures of T-man. It's not always easy. I do like that now he actually listens to me when I tell him things. I was taking some pictures of my little man the other day and this is how it went.

Can we please smile for mama--blank stare
 Can we please smile with your teeth -- my little man flashes the biggest smile
 Smile for mama please -- gives me a half smile
 Please show me your teeth when you smile -- He point to his teeth (at least he follows directions)
 YAY, we have a picture with a smile
I told you I take a lot of pictures, I might as well have some good ones in the pack. It is so much fun to take pictures of this adorable little man.


  1. Your sweet boy has the most precious smile! And those rosy cheeks are just begging to be kissed!

  2. HA!! I love that he pointed at his teeth, like, here they are mama can't u see?