Saturday, November 19, 2011

My family

My hubby and I met almost 7 years ago (wow where does time go). We got engaged on April fools in 2008, leave it to my husband to think that it's funny to throw everyone for a loop. No one believed for a whole week that we were engaged until they actually saw the ring.

We were married on 25 July 2009. You see 7 is my husband's favorite number so we made sure that somehow it worked out to be the 7th month of the year (I know we thought we were clever like that). If you like to play with numbers you will notice that 2+5 = 7, I know I know and we got married exactly 25 months to the day that we moved in together. Ok enough with my numbers game. What a great day it was, I sometimes watch my wedding video just so I can replay that day in my mind.

After our wedding we jetted off to Hawaii where we had an awesome honeymoon. I want to go back.

Right after the wedding we started trying for a baby and were blessed to find out not long after that we were expecting a little one. It was such a great pregnancy, no morning sickness and nothing crazy. I was such a happy camper and I truly enjoyed being pregnant.

Our baby boy T-man graced us with his presence on 21 July 2010. We are so blessed. You see, 7 is truly a lucky number in our family. T-man is the most precious and amazing baby (I know every parent says that about their little one).

Now we are a family of three and we look forward to expanding in the future.


  1. Gorgeous family! Your little boy is sooo adorable!

  2. My favorite number is 7 too! I already know I like your hubby, haha.

    Beautiful pictures of you and your family!

    Ahhh, your boy is so adorable! He makes me smile! :)

  3. Thanks Faith, he makes me smile too, all the time :)

  4. Beautiful family. We went to Hawaii too for our honeymoon.

  5. My hubby and I have been married 7 years years!! You have a beautiful family! Love the wedding pics!

  6. Thanks you guys

    Keya - wasn't Hawaii the best place ever

    Weather Anchor Mama - Wow 7 years of marriage, that sounds like a lifetime :)

  7. Your family is adorable! And that little one sure is a cutie... look at them cheeks!

  8. Wow, your life is really good! I like that your bridesmaid all wore red which made a really pretty wedding ensemble.