Thursday, November 17, 2011

Hello blog world, have we met?

I wanted to start a blog for the longest time but I just didn't think that I would update it and frankly didn't think that my life was that interesting anyway. My friend Adrienne tried to convince me to start a blog but I was still too lazy. Then the wedding came and I started looking all over the internet for ideas. I found some awesome blogs that I followed religiously. Then I had a baby and I found more blogs that I loved. After following for years in the dark, I decided to finally take the plunge.

I also realized that I could keep a blog journal and print it in a book as a keepsake down the road. I am sold. Here is to making new friends and keeping an updated journal for family and friends to follow along our life journey.


  1. welcome to blogging! i am looking forward to following your life journey!

  2. Welcome to Blogging! It has been an amazing experience and I hope the same for you! Looking forward to following along! :)