Tuesday, April 5, 2016

My hubby ran a half marathon

My brother and hubby were obsessed with running a few years ago. These guys were just running for fun I tell you. When my brother suggested doing a marathon with hubby, I totally encouraged the idea and we bought tickets for the rock and roll marathon. Little did I know this will make hubby obsessed about running even more.

Well a few weeks ago, the race came and hubby definitely did awesome. Unfortunately, my brother hurt his foot months ago and had to bow out of the race. Hubby downgraded from a full marathon to a half marathon.

We all planned to go and support hubby but so many unfortunate situation happened and I was left at home with all 3 kids. It just wasn't feasible to go anymore. I was so happy to see the pictures from the race particularly because we weren't there to cheer him on. I had to get all of them :)

How amazing does my hubby look showing off his medal :), I know, I am totally biased. He said he knew I would get the pictures so he made sure to smile for at least one of them :)
 They also had awesome shots of him during the race, loving his great form during the run.

Crossing the finish line like a boss, I love this shot
When hubby got home, he showed his medal to the boys and they were so excited. It's a pretty nice medal :). So of course the paparazzi that I am took a picture of each kid with the medal. I just love how my kids personalities can be seen through these pictures.

Tman the big boy that understands posing
Jbird the other big boy that was just not phased by my photoshoot
Bean the baby who is always goofing around
I mean, look at that beautiful medal, I would be excited too :)
Now hubby is challenging me to run a half marathon with him next Fall. I heard these things get addictive. I am not much of a runner but I am seriously considering doing it with him next year. We'll see. Good job to my hubby on his half marathon and here is to many more in the future.


  1. That is so awesome! He does have great form!

    I've also heard that they get addictive as well which isn't a bad thing. I would love to get addicted to running but I'm not much of a runner.

    Love that he smiled knowing you'll get the pictures, sweet hubby :)

  2. AWESOME!!! In my active days, I would have considered it. These days, with all the extra poundage I am carrying around, I don't know if I would! Perhaps I need to take on a challenge though to get things moving. I need a magician to first create 2 extra hours for me each day. Or every other day and I think we'll be good :-D.

    Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday!