Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Birthday celebrations for JAE

Two weekends ago we got to celebrate JAE's first birthday. JAE's mom, J and I met when she was pregnant with her first daughter and I was pregnant with my second son. Many years later and 2 more (almost 3) babies were added to the group. It's been such a pleasure to watch these babies grow over the years. My mom came to the party with me, she is the best partner in crime I tell you. I don't know what I would do without her.

J did an amazing job with the decoration and the details of the party, she is a DiY enthusiast for sure. Look at the room and all that pink, loved it and so did Jbird
The food table
The black board with all the detaisl
The balloon and the cake, my boys took home half those balloons
And those cupcakes looked and tasted amazing
Funny story, we asked J's mom to take a picture  of us and her fingers were on the lens so we got this gem. Thankfully I always review my pics before I move on :)
We got this awesome redo, we couldn't stop cracking up because the mom wanted to ensure perfection with this shot and was taking her time, good times I tell you
My mom was so excited to meet J's mom, African moms are so family oriented
I managed to get a picture of the blogging mamas before the craziness. I am so happy to have met these ladies
My boys were in their element at this place, running around everywhere
There were into this basketball game
Check out my baby Bean in action over here

JAE, the birthday girl
And then there were bubbles
My boys love bubbles I mean who doesn't
The were catching the bubbles and loving it and I love that you can see my mom with her big smile in the background

Bubble joy of course
My boys are so easily entertained :)
After the bubbles, they were back on the carpet for some more games
My boys found a way to entertain themselves by jumping, they are crazy jumpers
Look at them in action, the picture is blurry but the action is definitely there :)
Oh Tman my little overachiever :)
And before we left, I managed to get a picture with my sweet boys
And with my mommy too, love this woman so much and I am so happy that we live close to each other and can spend a lot of time together.
After all the fun of running around it was time for some food
The boys loved their pizza and cake
We had so much fun celebrating JAE's first birthday. Though the boys didn't interact with the birthday girl much, they sure took advantage of all the play time available at this venue.


  1. Aww, what a fun party! Your boys def. look like they had a blast :)

  2. Awww...I love this! I am so glad I met you and your family! Your mom is just the coolest and your boys are absolutely awesome!
    Thanks for capturing the awesome moments of the party. It was twice as much fun because you were there! :-D

  3. I was so confused at first. I was wondering why a post about JAE would be on your blog- then I realized it was party pics! Looks like you guys had an awesome time!