Saturday, January 16, 2016

Holiday gathering and fun times

The Christmas season is always really busy in our household. There is something so awesome about the holiday season and getting together with friends and family. Though it's tiring and seems never ending, I love to indulge in those awesome moments. Then comes January and all I want to do is sleep for days :). Our holidays were super busy with baby appointment and multiple gatherings but we sure closed 2015 with a bang :).

The day after Christmas is called Boxing day in England and it is really big over there. Apparently they spend the day feasting and watching lots of soccer ;). Hubby's parents invited my whole family over for some feasting, they made a traditional English roast dinner and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.
Chilling in the living room
 Then dinner was served, my brother J was on it :)
 Bean and his father are always hanging out together
 Dinner time with the family
 The kids weren't really interested in eating when we did, but they were there :)

 Bean fell asleep on his father as usual. These two are two peas in a pod
A few days later we met up with some of our friends as we do every Christmas. People have moved away but it's nice to be able to catch up during the holidays. What I love about these gatherings is that we keep growing in number thanks to all the babies :). It's also a great excuse to catch up on life and let our kids play together.

HJ was the life of the party, taking selfies here with the kiddos
 The house was full for sure with kids running around everywhere

 I love this pic of Jbird playing with his autie HJ, the smile on his face is just priceless

Everyone joined the table when they realized there was lots of fun happening here :)
 I tried to take a pic of the 5-year olds
 Then the 3-year olds
 Then the 1 year olds
Then play doh came out and they were entertained for a while
I just love that I am pregnant with my BFF HJ. She was one of the last one in the group to get married when she had that awesome wedding last July. Here we are carrying our 4th and 1st babies, I am due in July and she is due in May.
We attempted to get a picture of all the girls with their kiddos and we got this gem :). 9 kids between the 4 of us with 2 more on the way. Next Christmas is going to be insane :).
Our Holiday season was busy and you know we wouldn't have it any other way. I just love hanging out with my peeps. Hope you had a great holiday season too.


  1. All the kids are having alot of fun. You look great with your bump!

    1. Thanks Tomes, I am loving the bump too :)

  2. Hey Stranger :-) I haven't' been on here in awhile and when I read this post I was thinking "oh that last pic is just an old photo of you" :-) I've missed so much!!! LOL So happy for you and the continued blessings! God is Good! Congrats hun and I see it's a girl :-) I know your fam is over the moon!!!

    1. Sandie, long time no see. lol, I know, my friends say it feels like I am always pregnant. The last time we hung out I was pregnant with Bean and now I am pregnant with our baby girl. Thank you so much, we are over the moon. Oh and we are done so no more pregnant bellies for me after this ;)

  3. Haha ok!! well much blessings for a sweet pregnancy :-)