Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Disney World 2015 - Magic Kingdom

Our day at the Magic Kingdom finally came. I was so excited to introduce the boys to so many fun activities. We woke up bright and early and made it to the park right around opening time. It was not too crowded, the beauty of being there during the off-season. We took the Ferry and decided to do the monorail on the way back.

I had a plan of action for the day :), everyone laughed at me and the joke all day was about me falling behind on my schedule. My plan paid off because I had an idea where I wanted to go next and I was able to book a few fast passes. Fast passes are a must when you go to Disney with kids, they ensure that you are guaranteed to get on 3 rides without waiting forever. The wait on most rides that we did was a mere 20 minutes all day, which is amazing for the Magic Kingdom. Another reason I was glad we came during the off-season.

Our first stop was at the theater to meet with Mickey. I figured we should get this out of the way while the kids were still awake and happy. Boy did they love meeting Mickey, Tman and Jbird still talk about it everyday.
Before things got hectic, we got a few pictures with the castle on our way to our first ride. We used our memory maker and even got an awesome magic shot, how cool is this right
Don't mind the screaming baby :)
On our way to our first ride
Our first ride was Tea cups. Jbird and Bean hated waiting in line but once we got on the rides they were loving every minute of it.

Tea cups with my peeps

After Tea cups we went straight for the carousel since there was no wait there. Bean wasn't interested in getting in the carousel so we left him with hubby while my mom and I took Tman and Jbird

Selfie with part of the crew on the carousel :)
After we were done with the carousel, we watched a cute show right there about finding someone to pull the sword out of the stone. It was totally unplanned but it was so fun. After the show was done, Tman tried to pull the sword, hehehehehe

We caught up with the characters and of course took a pic with them. Tman was eating a pretzel and offered him to one of the characters. He was super cute that Tman.

At that point we realized that Bean had just passed out. Bless his little heart, no wonder he didn't want to get on the carousel.

We left him with hubby's cousin to catch our fast pass to Dumbo. There was no wait at all in the fast pass lane and it was awesome.
Tman loved Dumbo so much as soon as we were done, he wanted to get back on but the line was too long so we convinced him to go check out another ride before coming back to this one. We ended up doing this ride 5 times the whole day. We bribed him with ice cream of course.

Hubby hanging out with his cousin and his wife while we were getting ice cream
 Tman enjoying some ice cream while Bean was still snoozing
Then we discovered the Magic Carpet of Alladin. The wait was minimal and we thoroughly enjoyed this ride. Tman promptly declared this ride his new favorite one and wanted to go back again. I convinced him to go check out another ride but we ended up coming back to this ride 4 times.

Grandma and her first grandchild
Well hello magic carpet of Aladdin
At this point it was time to eat lunch. I heard great things about the Harbor House so we decided to go there for lunch. I thoroughly enjoyed the lobster roll while the boys chowed down on some chicken nuggets. It was a great lunch. I am glad we didn't do a character lunch (they were all booked) because we were definitely on a roll :).

After lunch, we went back to Tea cups. There was only a 10 min wait so we got on it a few times, the boys loved this ride too
After Tea cups we went back to Aladin and did it a few more times
At that point Jbird was cranky so we figured he needed a nap so we took a break and sure enough within minutes he was fast asleep. Nap time on the go what up.
We chilled for a bit then went out to Main Street to watch the parade. Check out Tman with his hand in his pockets
Hubby put Tman on his shoulders so that he could watch 
We switched and I had Tman on my shoulder, selfie time with my big boy
 These two enjoyed a great nap during the parade
After the parade we ran to catch our fast pass for the Pirates of the Caribbean. It was a great ride but I still wish that we did it's a small world. I guess we'll do that next time.

We were able to get so many great shots thanks to our memory maker like this awesome group shot with the castle and all of us :)
 and this awesome one of me and my mommy
and this awesome one of me and my hubby
Don't laugh but my phone died so I switched to the not so awesome camera. At least I still got some shots. We went back to Aladdin at night
And of course ended the night with a ride on Dumbo
Tman was so happy about every ride we did today but this was by far his favorite.
We of course came back at night to get some pics with the castle, I love my crew and those matching shirts ;)
I couldn't resist taking a picture with the Christmas tree on our way out
Our day at the Magic Kingdom was packed solid with activities. I am glad that Jbird and Bean were able to get a nap and were mostly great sport all day. We enjoyed this day at the park and though we were tired after the long day, we wouldn't have done anything differently. Tman was such a trooper. 5 is truly a great age to enjoy the happiest place on earth. The next day we thoroughly enjoyed our slower pace day.


  1. First, those tee shirts are just too cute!
    I love that you went on so many rides with the kids. I often hate rides so I'm a side line mom when it comes to rides. Maybe that'll change now that I have kids.
    What is memory moment? Is it new? Never heard of it.

    1. J, I had no choice but to ride with the kids, they were just way too young to go by themselves. You have to go with them otherwise they might jump out of that thing :).

      The memory maker is new and so worth it. You pay a fee for all the pictures you get at Disney and every time you see a Disney photographer, you just ask them to take your picture. So good for families and ensuring that everyone is in the shot.

  2. Such great pictures and the shirts are so cute! I could never convince my hubby to wear one, lol! I love Magic Kingdom and enjoyed reading about your day there.

    1. You should totally convince him, it was so fun. My hubby was against it at first but he ended up liking the fact that we did :).