Sunday, December 13, 2015

Disney World 2015 - Disney Springs

After our busy day at the Magic Kingdom, we welcomed our day of rest with open arms :). We slept in that day and it felt good. After we woke up, we had a nice breakfast at the hotel and went back outside to enjoy the nice weather.

My boys and I still chilling in our pajamas. Hubby had a date with the TV because his team Arsenal was playing. That's why I like to bring my mom on trips, who needs to hang out with hubby when mommy is around ;).
The boys were playing with the chess pieces knocking them down everywhere
Then my mom decided that it was time to clean up
The boys were so serious about their clean up :)

Then it was time to hit the pool. Tman's one request was to spend a lot of time in the pool and we definitely delivered
Family time in the pool
Isn't so nice to have your own personal photographer ;)
We played a game of dunk in the water and the boys loved it

Bean on the other hand was being entertained by his dad
Pool time fun was a great success. After the pool, we got ready and headed to Disney Springs for some fun. I love our stroller because though it's a double stroller, it has a perfect spot in the front to hold our big boy making it an almost triple stroller. This is the only way that we survived all the days of walking everywhere
My mom and I with the boys
A little selfie that Jbird did not care to be part of
By the time we got to Disney Springs and walked around a bit, Tman and Bean were down for the count
I decided to take Jbird on a train ride while his brothers slept peacefully
My happy Jbird
We then had lunch at the Rainforest cafe and can you believe that Jbird also fell asleep and just like that we had 3 kids down. We enjoyed that lunch for sure :).
Rainforest cafe with the crew

Tman woke up just in time to switch places with Bean in the stroller
We watched a show while the boys slept and went to the Lego store. Then we found out that Santa was there and of course we had to go say "Hi". Tman was super excited

Check him out meeting good old St Nick
Then telling him what he wants for Christmas (a wobble ball apparently)

Jbird was shy but seeing Tman so excited he warmed up to the man, check him out giving Santa a high five
We of course got a family picture, one less thing on my list of things to do when we come home
My mom also got a picture with the boys. I love this picture
We got this great picture before we left, another memory maker favorite. Is it a minor miracle, everyone is smiling :)
We had a great easy day at Disney Springs. It was exactly what the doctor ordered after a full day at the Magic Kingdom. We were now fully rested to take on another long day at Animal Kingdom. No rest for the wicked on a Disney vacation. We went to bed early because the next day was another early day at the park.


  1. They are just so cute. I love how excited he was to meet Santa! So adorable.

    1. Thanks Ashley, it was so nice to see him getting so excite about everything.

  2. What a fun trip. So cool that your mom got to come along to help out and be good company. I love those giant game boards. I don't know how to play chess (I'm guessing the kiddos didn't either) but I have played the giant checker boards.

    1. My mom is amazing, I don't know what I would do without her. I seriously don't want to travel anywhere with my kids when she can't come :). I totally spoiled.

      The boys just kept knocking those things down, they didn't know how to play at all.

  3. First, I need to know... Where do you get your energy from? Girl!!! You are awesome! I love that your mom goes with you on these adventures. It really takes a village.
    Love love love the last picture. That is a miracle that everyone is smiling :-)

    1. J, you know it takes a village. If I didn't have my village I would be lost. I was worn out after this trip though, it was fun but also a lot of work.