Sunday, November 29, 2015

We are back from Disney World

We are back from an amazing trip to Walt Disney World in Florida. We had such a great time, seriously, everything was just perfect. The weather was excellent, a beautiful 80 degrees and sunny everyday (except for the last day). The boys were in heaven and loving on everything they were seeing. We are so happy that we took this trip, they might never remember but we sure will and we have loads of pictures and videos to remind them :).

Our schedule was on point, we rested before and after a long day at the parks and that was definitely useful. Traveling with little kids is not for the faint of heart and it's not easy so obviously there were meltdowns and crazy moments but that is just to be expected. No one got hurt, no one was sick, and everyone was smiling ear to ear most days. I call that a victory. I am so glad that my mom came along, she was a great help and made the trip even more memorable. I don't ever want to travel without her, seriously.

Here are a few pictures from our getaway. I need to sit down and sift through all the pictures and do a real recap of each day. It was glorious :).

Me and my babies on our first day there. I love my clan
 We had some mickey mouse pancakes for breakfast of course
 We had breakfast with hubby's cousin
 We did nothing good with our life but chill on the first day and it was awesome
 Chilling with their tablets, typical
 We hung out in the pool all day
 Jbird was a jumping fool
 and so was Tman
 Hubby and Bean took a nice nap by the pool
 Tman and Jbird followed afterwards
 We enjoyed a nice dinner
We met Mickey mouse and the boys were super excited. Check out Tman and Jbird looking at Mickey in admiration, they couldn't take their eyes off of him
 Selfie time on the carousel
 YAY Dumbo
 Well hello magic carpets of Aladdin
 Tea cups was a huge favorite
 The boys napped in shifts
 Lots of napping always happening, we wore them out
 We even met Santa :)
 We went to Animal Kingdom and had a blast there
 Took the boys on the famous Kilimanjaro Safari
 We met Mickey mouse again and it was all hugs and kisses

 We found a ride that was just like Dumbo
 Then we met Goofy and Pluto
 We hung out by the tree of life and let the boys blow bubbles everywhere
 I love my little family hanging out by the tree of life
 Bubbles were a hit :)
We even had a chance to go out for some grown up fun the last night. I know, my mom is amazing.
What an amazing trip we had. We were a bit nervous about how the boys would handle this trip but they did great. They loved every minute of it and we are so happy that we took them now. We are excited to take them again in a few years. It would be awesome to see how different it will be when they are a bit older. Can't wait to get through all the pictures and do a full recap of each day. I absolutely loved taking this trip down memory lane.


  1. Sounds like a great trip! Love how happy they were to see Mickey!!

  2. I love the matching outfits on a dailt basis. They sure had a wonderful time. I love travelling and so do you guys.

  3. You guys have such a fun family! I love all the happy faces. :)

  4. These pictures made me want to go to Disney and I have never had any desires! So much fun! You so need to show us how you pack for family trips and organize the kids clothes! Just amazing!