Monday, April 13, 2015

Weekend fun - Easter celebration

We had such a fun time celebrating Easter two weekends ago (gosh, I am so behind). We kept it low key and just hung out with our family and friends. It was such a great time.

On Saturday, we took the kids to a local Easter egg hunt. They had a set up where the egg hunt was divided into age groups, it was so nice. I love that also staggered the time of each hunt so I was able to give each child my undivided attention during their egg hunt. It was so awesome. Hubby's mom joined in on the fun, it was glorious. It was not the warmest day but we totally made the most of it. On Sunday we all went to church then came home chilled before going back out and meeting with up with more family and friends.

The Easter egg hunt on Saturday was the boys' first real one that was not at our house. Tman was super excited and kept telling me about all the eggs he was going to collect. Jbird and Bean had no idea what was going on but they definitely participated in the event. Hubby would have been content not doing any of this but luckily for us he is a good sport :). Hubby's mom was there with us too, we had a full house.

Chuck-e-cheese was hanging out at the event. The boys were super excited to see him
Our family before the egg hunt
While we waited to start the egg hunt, I hung out with the big boys and kept them occupied

Bean on the other hand hung out with grandma the whole time.
Then it was time to start the 1 year old hunt. Bean did so well
I love this kid so much, he is so grown up
Then we went to the 2-year old hunt. Jbird was really into it and it made me so happy
I love this toddler so much, such a happy kid

Then we moved on to the 4-year old hunt. Tman took his job really seriously
I love this big boy so much, he is always so excited about everything
Tman is a man on a mission
Two peas in a pod, hubby and his mini-me
The Easter egg hunt was such a great success, we'll do that again next year for sure. On Sunday we all got dressed up, you know how I do it. We managed to go to Church and all came home in one piece :). When we came home, I of course went into full photoshoot mode as I do.
My mom was there too
She attempted to take a picture with the boys and got this gem
Hubby's mom was there too
I did get this awesome picture of my boys, I love these boys of mine
Then my cute niece came and of course my mom tried to take a picture with all the grand kids
Tman and my cute niece with her bow
Hello there gorgeous
The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, my sister in law and my niece
And my favorite picture of the day was this one with the grandmas and all the grand kids. I love that they are all doing their own thing
That was our Easter in a nutshell, such a great celebration. I hope that you had a great time celebrating Easter this year too.


  1. What a great time! I had a smile on my face the entire time.

    Beautiful pictures! Looks like an amazing Easter!

  2. Beautiful family! The boy seem to have a great time.