Monday, April 6, 2015

Bean's first week of daycare

It is so surreal to me that my Bean is big enough to go to daycare. I think I need to change his nickname because Bean just doesn't seem fitting anymore :). Well, our Bean turned 13 months and started daycare last week. Up until now, he was staying at home with hubby's parents full time. We are so grateful for supportive parents who do their best to help us with our growing family.

I make a production out of everything my kids do for the first time. I picked their matching outfit the night before, you guys know how obsessed I am with matching my boys. It started as a game and I am totally loving it so I do it everyday now, I know, it's crazy but I love it.

The boys matching outfit, courtesy of my friend C who is totally indulging me and my obsessive behavior.
I drop all the kids off in the morning. It's always so chaotic but you know we wouldn't have it any other way. When we got to Jbird's class, I took a picture with my boys before any meltdown. I am loving Tman and Jbird's faces here, poor Bean wasn't having it but who can blame him on his first day.
I stayed with Bean for a good half hour so that he didn't freak out. He seemed happy to be here
 While I was showing him around his room, we of course took a few selfies :)
 I tried to introduce him to some new friends but he was not having it.
 Thank goodness for his new teacher Ms. Jean who came to the rescue
and because I love Bean and Jbird's sweet faces in this picture, another one of me and my boys
Poor Bean cried like a baby when I left, he did not know what hit him. I did get a message from his teacher during the day to let me know that he didn't cry for very long and did really well for a first day.We survived the first week and though he still cries in the morning, I must say that he is doing much better than Jbird did when he started daycare. I am looking forward to seeing him fully adjusted and waving goodbye when I leave. In due time.

I love that Bean is growing and hitting all these awesome milestones but at the same time it makes me so sad that he is growing and not my little tiny baby anymore. We now have 3 kids in school and daycare, no more babies at home; to say that time is flying is an understatement. First week of daycare was kind of a success. Now let's get Bean fully adjusted to this new routine.


  1. Aww, how is he so big now?! It is so crazy to me how quickly they grow.

    He will be adjusted in no time :)

  2. Awww...he was chugging along just fine until mama left!! He'll be a pro at day care in no time. The boys are all adorable in their outfits.

  3. This is too cute! Can't believe he's going to daycare already! Brave boy!!! He'll get used to it in no time! I am sure your in-laws miss him very much.

  4. Wow, daycare already? Time really does move too fast.

    The boys really look cute when they dress alike... :)

  5. Bean is just too cute. Awwww man thats expected, glad you got through it.

  6. Awwww! Daycare is always an adjustment. Looks like he did great!