Saturday, June 8, 2013

Travel - Rothenburg, Germany

When we lived in Germany, we used to take day trips to nearby towns every other weekend to explore. That was the case of this quaint little town in Bavaria called Rothenburg ob der tauber. This medieval town takes you back a few hundred years with its fortified wall from way back when and it's cobblestone streets. This was a really educational and interesting trip, I am really glad that we got to explore this city.

Us standing in front of one of the most popular place in town :)
The town was surrounded by a wall from the medieval times, I mean this wall was built in the 1300s. You gotta love Europe for the national treasures that are old as dirt
We walked the wall and took loads of pictures. Here is a picture of part of the wall. I used to take pics from up high as the red roof tiles were my absolute favorite
 Here I am walking the fortified wall with a smile of course
The architecture of this town (as it is with many old European towns) is simply beautiful
There was a lot of flowers and gardens in this town. My hubby was in a phase of highlighting colors on the camera so he played with the camera a bit to highlight the colors. Check me out with rosy cheeks to match the flowers, not bad huh?
There wasn't a whole lot to do in this town. We explored the town taking silly pictures of things and ourselves as we do. Case in point, picture of random sweets in the window
After walking the fortified wall we were famished so we had dinner before we hit the road. One of the best things about Europe was walking everywhere so I never gained any weight even though I ate a lot :).

My hubby making crazing faces as he does
 Trying to highlight the color of the flower
And one of my favorite picture of this trip. The highlighting didn't work but we are actually both smiling at the camera.
I actually miss living in Europe where a day trip would just turn into in adventure in discovering a new places or traveling back in time. I sure hope that I can live in Europe with my kids one day. For now I will just enjoy the memories we've made there as a couple.


  1. I loved that about Germany! So much history, absolutely *everywhere*. We went to Rothenburg too, such a pretty town! Love those pictures. You're so beautiful, Peguy. :)

    1. Awww, thanks Adie. Germany was the bomb digity for traveling.

  2. Ahh the pictures are incredible! I loved that he was highlighting the pictures. The two of you are so awesome with your traveling. I love it.

    And the one with hubby making a face made me laugh because it reminds me of many pictures I have with Sean :).

    Have a great weekend!

    1. Hehehe, every time I see a funny face pic of Sean I think about my hubby. They are so similar when it comes to taking pics

  3. Beautiful pics. You and your hubby look so happy. Love the last picture of you too together.
    Wish I had seen this before our lunch. We are thinking of taking the train to Germany in August. Could use some tips on getting around with a baby. Neither os us speak German 😄.

    1. Thanks J, we'll hang out before you go, I'll give you some tips

  4. amazing pictures. You go to the awesome places girl! I wanna be just like you when I grow up.

  5. Oh my goodness- this looks unreal. What a picturesque town! So many great photos... I love the effects!