Thursday, June 27, 2013

#projectmilf - updates and Summer fun

We've decided to do monthly updates for our #projectmilf. My goals when I started this project was to grow my edges back and basically have overall healthy hair as well as lose about 10lbs and achieve my perfect weight.

The weight is not doing so well. I have decided to officially break up with my scale. I gained about 10lbs while we were on vacation, which was to be expected. I wasn't going to resist those pain au chocolat or awesome croissants.

Anyway, though I feel pretty good about the way my body looks, my scale gives me anxiety. I work out, I try to eat healthy but the lbs are looking at me like I am crazy. I have decided to stop weighing myself constantly and just go with the way my clothes fit.

Here is a pic from a month ago with my mom
My hair on the other hand is doing awesome, I am so happy with that. The sides have completely grown in and my volume is coming back in full force. Woop woop. I am back to enjoying my hair again. I wear it out pretty much all the time now without worrying about holes showing up if the wind blows :).

I got my hair relaxed a week ago and I am loving it. I am back to doing flexi rods for volume and waves. I am marking this goal as achieved because I am happy with where I am and I am done documenting every growth.

A few pics from yesterday while I was hanging out with my Jbird. Yeah, I am happy with my hair right now

Oh and today we were supposed to share something fun that we are doing this Summer. My fun thing right now is taking the boys in the pool. We are going swimming once a week for the next month. So fun. I also plan to take them to a splash park near our house. So exciting. YAY for Summer fun
 I mean look at my Tman's happy face, this boy loves water


  1. Girl! I don't even bother with the scale anymore. You look great!
    Love your hair progress. It looks really healthy and long. Way to go! I'd still love to see your progress pics though. It gives me hope :-).
    Love your summer fun activity. our first lesson is this Saturday.

  2. "Breaking up with the scale"- LOVE IT! I divorced my scale a long time ago, and decided to measure progress by how I look as opposed to how much I weigh. My abs never had 6-pack status before I had my munchkin, but I would love to get them close to that now. I'm moving more, eating less, and seeing my waistline shrink, so I'm pleased :) I'm done with the weigh-ins. It's all about VISIBLE results now.

    And your hair is looking FAB! Postpartum shedding is the pits. I lost my edges a couple months after my munchkin was born, and they finally started filling in when she was about 8 months old. It's good having my hair back LOL!

  3. Your hair is growing long! I love it!
    I'm done with my scale, too. I have to be in a wedding in November & I better remember that every time I eat a Twix :)
    Hope you all have a good weekend!

  4. The hair is gorgeous! I struggle with the scale too. It is so hard sometimes, but on the bright side, you look fantastic (and I promise I am not just saying that!)

  5. Your hair is gorgeous my dear!! and i haven't weighed myself since i went to the doctor...i don't own a scale actually!! You look great even with the ten pounds!!! ahh the boys!!

  6. Your hair is look AMAZING. Also forget the scale, what matters is how comfortable you are. Vacay is totally worth gaining a few lbs -- life is to be lived and enjoyed. Now get back to clean(ier) eating and being active and I'm sure the weight will fall off in no time. I personally think you look great!

  7. Boo to the scale. Hurray to swim lessons with the kiddos. Focus on the positive mama! The weight will eventually work its way down. Just slowly adopt healthier eating habits/ work out habits. Slow and steady wins the race! Easier said than done, I know. I am right there in the trenches with you!

  8. Seriously the scale sucks! I'm going based on how clothes fit too.

    You look so fabulous! Your hair looks beautiful! Great job taking care of it. It looks so healthy :)

  9. Going by how your clothes fit is better than using the scale, FYI you look great! Your hair looks awesome, I'm happy it's growing so well for you. It's hard when it's breaking off so much but now that it's past that phase you should be golden!!

  10. Thank you so much for your sweet comments and word of encouragements.