Friday, May 3, 2013

A day out with Thomas the train

My Tman has been obsessed with Thomas the train since he was about a year old. Everything Thomas became his favorite thing. This is why we threw him a Thomas the train themed 2nd birthday party. When I heard of "the day out with Thomas" event, I knew I had to take him. Boy did he have a blast. Not only there was a Thomas the train there, but there were also plenty of activities for the little ones.

I invited my mom and grandma to come with us. They love spending time with the boys so it wasn't really hard to convince them. We are so lucky

Inside the train station. Tman was still asleep from his nap but we woke him up shortly after getting there
Barely awake but super excited to meet Sir Topham Hatt
Somehow he was a little scared of Sir Topham Hatt when we actually met him
We went outside and Thomas was in the station so we took a family picture with him. Tman kept waving and looking at him screaming "Thomas" and "I am here Thomas". It was definitely funny to watch
My mom and grandma with the boys on our way to check out the other stuff around the museum
They had a few rides for the kids. Tman was excited about this one but freaked out once it started. It just went up and down in a circle motion, I wouldn't have liked that either
He loved the Carousel, it's by far his favorite. He always requests this one when we go to amusement parks. Waving goodbye before they started moving
My grandma hung out with Jbird most of the time
Then we went to bouncing house and Tman was in heaven. He jumped right in like he's done this a million times and ran through the obstacles like a pro

We came back to the station and waited for Thomas to come back
And of course we took a family picture with Thomas
I love this picture with my Jbird, he is actually smiling :)
On our way out after a day of fun with Thomas
A beautiful end to an amazing day. My son actually told me he had the best time. If your child loves trains, look up this event near you and take your kids. You will be glad you did.

My only regret was not planning early enough which resulted in us not being able to ride the train because the tickets were sold out. Next year, I will plan ahead so that I can get us tickets to actually ride the train. That will be the cherry on top of the cake I think.

Speaking of cake, we came home and there was a cake waiting for me
My brothers and me with Jbird
I had an awesome birthday celebration and so much fun at the day out with Thomas. We are definitely going again next year. Jbird will be big enough to have some fun too.


  1. Awww, happy birthday Pegster! I love that Tman told you how much fun he had. My heart would have just melted!

  2. Aww so so cute! My nephew (2) loves Thomas the train too. When I last visited he'd always ask me to find the Thomas coloring game on the iPad - he couldn't get enough. love the family pic in front of Thomas you'll have to frame that one!

  3. I love doing things like this with my little guy! I'm def going to look to see if this will be near us. I love the face T makes- it's so adorable!

  4. Happy Birthday yummy mummy! Thomas the train looks like a lot of fun! I'm sure your sweet son was in toddler heaven!

  5. Happy Birthday! And what a pretty and tasty looking cake. Looks like you had a fun day with your family spending your BDay how you wanted to.

  6. How fun! You can see just how happy he is! Best parents award :)

    I love how your family is so close. Makes me smile.

    Happy birthday to you too!

  7. I am sure he thought he was dream, it turns out a wonderful day out.

    and happy belated birthday moi cherie {it's right} :)

  8. I watched Thomas growing up and OMG... I would have LOVED that!! How fun!! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

  9. Great pictures, that cake looks soo good! :) My boys love anything with wheels, trains, automobiles whatever, they just love it!

  10. Oh my goodness...what fun is that and so glad Tman got the chance to see Thomas!!

  11. Soooo fun! I love that he was saying, Thomas I'm here. Haha, so funny!

  12. You are gorgeous! Some seriously great photos here. What an adorably fun outing!