Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Weekend fun - the Easter edition

Happy Easter!!! Hope you had a great time celebrating with your family and loved ones. Our Easter weekend was busy busy busy but oh so fun.

It all started with some hanging out on Friday night. My friend was in town from Indiana with her 2 kids to celebrate Easter with her family. A few of us met at her parents house and had fun playing with the kids and catching up.

Us with our second boys
We tried our hand at a group picture with all the kids, not an easy task with 6 kids I tell you. It's so hard to get my Tman to sit still for pictures.
The next day we made our parents babysit so that we could enjoy some quality grown up time :). We went to a local bar and enjoyed some drinking and live music

After dinner and the show we went to a house party. The kids were playing beer pong and being really silly. We were definitely the only ones there who needed a babysitter that night. This made me realize that we are not those young kids in College anymore and are just way too old for this stuff.
We had a great time hanging out with our friends so ultimately it was all worth it. Me and my hubby at the end of the night.
We were so tired after 2 late nights of hanging out but we didn't let that stop us from having a good time on Easter day. We started the day by dying some eggs. I used Kool aid and kept it low key. Tman was super excited about doing it. I told him that the eggs would change colors and he just couldn't wait to get his hand on them

Here he was starting the process
I wanted to include Jbird so I sat with him to help him. All he wanted to do was eat the eggs. You are not old enough for that my Jbird
  Tman was in charge and Jbird just watched him
We let the egg sit for about 20 minutes then we took them out. Tman loved the whole process. I am so glad that we did that

And here is the finished product. Tman was so proud of himself, he really enjoyed doing this. Egg dying with Kool aid was a great success
We hosted dinner at our place after church. We also hid some eggs around the house so that Tman and his cousin could go around and find them. Here there are getting ready to go on their search
Tman was so proud on his hunt for the eggs and every time he found one he would start squealing with excitement
We didn't make them too difficult to find, which was such a great idea. Here is Tman finding one on the fridge
Looking for more eggs down in the basement
They did a superb job finding the eggs and really enjoyed the candy inside them
My mom and grandma were there too. They actually liked the egg hunt because we've never done Easter egg hunt in Cameroon so this was really new and exciting for them
Jbird took a 3 hour nap and missed all the excitement of the afternoon. Tman did not take a nap so he was ready for bed way earlier than usual. I had the boys in matching outfits of course but didn't get a chance to take a picture of just the two of them alone. We did manage to get a family picture, YAY.
It was such a great celebration. Easter is my second favorite holiday after Christmas. I look forward to starting more traditions with the kids and doing a better job preparing for things before hand as well as documenting. Hope you had a great Easter weekend.


  1. it's fun to see so many friends with little kids. we went to our friends for a easter Sunday BBQ and egg hunt but we were late for the hunt because AOI had to have a nap just before we left the house

  2. So cool. What a full but fun weekend! You guys definitely do keep busy.
    I am looking forward to when JOE and I can dye Easter eggs. I am sure we'll have a mess all over the house but no doubt it'll be fun.

    Have a fab week!

  3. Aww your Easter looked like so much fun. I'm sure the kids enjoyed every bit. Never knew you could color eggs with koolaid? I just picked up one of those $2 egg kits from CVS.lol. Did you have to use vinegar like with the dyes's or just hot water and wait awhile?

    1. Erica - good seeing you around these parts.
      Yeah, I just added Kool aid to water and that was it. So easy. Next year I might do an egg dying kit though, maybe we can have more options that way.

  4. Looks like fun! J bird is getting more and more handsome! I never thought about dying eggs in kool aid -- good idea! I look forward to the day when Ian is more involved in the holidays.

  5. aww you and everyone looks so happy! So beautiful!

  6. So fun! I love that you did this. We didn't do the egg hunt growing up but I really want to do this when we have kids!

    Looks like such a great weekend! Love the pictures!

  7. awww....that looks like so much fun...look at all those kiddies...i think baby pancakes needs a playdate soon....love Jbird sleeping in the last picture..too cute

    1. Yes, yes, yes, let's have a play date soon. As soon as it's warmer, I am totally down.

  8. Thanks ladies, we had a great Easter celebration. I keep it low key but I do like doing stuff with the kids for the holidays.