Friday, April 19, 2013

Jbird is 8 months

Jbird is 8 months, AHHHHHHHH. I know, I know, I say this every month.

This baby of mine is truly amazing I tell you. He is still sleeping through the night 8 to 10 hours, yeah you read that right, we've had some 10-hour nights in the last month. I am so happy, refreshed, and happy. No wonder we are back to being busy bees around here.
Jbird is still the happiest kid around the block. He smiles and giggles non stop. He loves to be carried and his the happiest when I carry him around in the baby bjorn (I have the original version). Jbird is now 21lbs 5oz, we are getting dangerously close to the weight limit of 25lbs. It's going to be a sad day when I can't carry him around anymore. He is heavy but I must say the bjorn is amazing, I carried him around for over 2 hours the other day and did not feel any unusual pain or discomfort.

We are done nursing :(. My Jbird stopped nursing around 6.5 months and never looked back. He had the sniffles which made it hard for him to nurse. Then his 2 bottom teeth came in. I kept offering but after he chewed my nipples non-stop for a month, I just gave up. It wasn't meant to be.

I was really sad when it first happened because it was so sudden and so soon and I really wasn't ready to be done. I have just been exclusively pumping for the last month and a half. My supply took a major toll and I am barely making enough to sustain him. I guess it's going to be the end of breastfeeding for us soon. We had a good run.
Jbird's 2 teeth in full display
My Jbird is finally eating baby food and loving it (somewhat). At least he is not fighting me and gagging every time he takes a bite. We are now doing 2 jars of baby food per day in addition to the milk. I tried to give him some cheerios but that was received with gagging. He is clearly not ready for that.
 Jbird is not crawling yet but it's not for lack of trying he is pretty mobile as he rolls around everywhere. He chases his brother around the family room and always wants to have whatever his brother is playing with.

He started trying to pull himself up the other day. Slow your roll child of mine

 He stood for a few seconds before falling. He has some strong legs my little Jbird.
Tman is still so in love with his brother, the kisses never end. Jbird does not seem to mind
 Ah these boys of mine, they fill up my heart with so much joy everyday
Happy 8 months my sweet Jbird. We love you to the moon and back. You've blessed our family with your amazing personality and you bring so much joy to our lives everyday.


  1. What a handsome boy! Don't they grow up so fast?!

  2. Awww...he is so gosh darn cute! Wow...8-months already? That went by fast! JOE is 5.5 months and I still can't believe it has been that long.
    I need the secret to your wearing him for 2 hours in the original bjorn. I have the same one and after 45-minutes, I am done. And JOE was 13.01 at her 4 month appointment.
    Hurray for sleeping through the night!
    Happy 8-months Jbird! Wishing you many more!!!

  3. Happy 8 Months Jbird!!!! So adorable! He is looking more and more like his brother (and father) as time goes on.

    I'm with Life with J and J -- the bjorn hurt me so bad after Ian became 12ish lbs. We made the switch to the Ergo (can carry until 45lbs!!) and I am so glad. Maybe that would work for Jbird when he hits 25lbs?

    How exciting that his sleep is stretching out so much. Ian just did 7.5hrs for the first time yesterday -- I was ASTONISHED.

    I can't believe J bird is pulling up, and wanting to crawl. Stay a baby jbird!!!

    I love the love between the brothers. It's so adorable.

  4. he nursed for a great amount of time
    the boys look adorable

  5. Hahaha, your boys are too cute. Jbird always looks relaxed and laid back, yay for sleeping though the night. Time obviously waits for no one, I seriously can't believe how quick he's growing!

  6. How is he 8 months already?! Time is moving way too quickly! I love how laid back he is. Such a cutie!!

  7. love love LOVE the picture of T-man kissing his brother!! Argh, those boys are just ridiculously cute. :) Time certainly flies, doesn't it??

  8. He just turned 7 months?! Where is the time flying? Happy 8 months lil man! Love the teeth!! :) hehe