Sunday, December 30, 2012

More Christmas fun

Thank you so much for all your sweet comments on my Christmas post. We definitely had loads of fun.

Hubby's sister and her boyfriend got in a few days after Christmas so we celebrated again with them. We saved the presents that we received from England and opened them while they were here. It made for a great celebration. I love that we got to do Christmas more than once. Tman definitely loved opening more presents.

My Tman getting ready to open a present for his dad. This kid just wanted to open everybody's present. I think he likes the idea of unwrapping things.
Opening his papa's present and realizing it's full of awesome English chocolate. Tman wants some now. Go for it my love, it's Christmas time.
I warned you about all the matching that was going to happen with my boys. They actually got these matching footies as a Christmas gift from hubby's cousin who live in Canada. They clearly know me well :). Tman showing his brother the piece of chocolate he just got.
Helping the boys open more presents, I just love the matching outfit
Such a happy baby my Jbird, we have such a great time together
I am so happy hubby caught this sweet moment with my baby. I was trying to give him a kiss on the cheek an he turned his head as if he wanted to give me a kiss too, it made me laugh
My big boy modeling his pajama, I love this kid
We got an awesome food hamper from hubby's cousins who live in London
The hamper was huge and full of awesome English goodies. We took a family picture with it so that we can send it to hubby's cousin when we thank them for this. Can't wait to devour all of the good stuff in there
I love this picture of Tman, he was trying to give Jbird a kiss but was totally leaning on him almost crushing him, his dad called him and he looked at him with that face, love love love.
Oh look who can fly, my little Jbird, I love this kid
How adorable is this picture of the boys. Tman hugging his brother is the best ever, melts my heart like butter every time
Poor Jbird doesn't have enough balance and Tman is trying to take him down with him, luckily I caught them :). It is still such a cute picture of the boys.
Christmas celebration number 2 was a great success. Our boys are so loved, everyone sent them lots of great stuff. We are so thankful for a family that loves us so much. I am so sad that Christmas is over already, I guess there's always next year.


  1. What an awesome second Christmas celebration!
    I do love the matching pajamas too and your boys are so cute! Love the picture where Jbird turned to kiss you. It is priceless!

  2. Aww the footie pajamas are cute! Celebrating Christmas twice us pretty good in my books, judging by these pics your little ones think that too!

  3. Beautiful pictures

  4. Looks like total fun at the house and the boys are just so the last two pictures and of course your candid shots...go hubby!! Happy New year to you and the family!!

  5. Thanks you guys. I must say that I really enjoyed opening presents twice, probably as much as the kids :). I officially love footie pajamas and I am seriously contemplating getting them for me and hubby too :)

  6. looks like you had an amazing holiday! it's so awesome that you have friends to hang out with like that!
    and your little ones are adorable as always :)

  7. Goodness, the amount of cuteness in this post! I can't handle it! Glad you all had a great Christmas!