Sunday, December 9, 2012

A day in the life

Since I returned to work over a month ago, I wanted to do this day in our life, our new normal. Since we had a beautiful December day last Monday and I was going to dress up for work, I figured this would be a great day to document our day in pictures. Obviously we are not robots and things don't always happen at those exact times. Heck things don't always happen as planned but this is more of a general idea.

6:30 - Wake up, my alarm usually goes off at 6:15 but I don't get out of bed until later. Usually both Jbird and Tman are still asleep so I take this opportunity to shower and get ready.

Before I got ready to start the day. Gotta love nursing bras, they make for easy feeding

Ready to go wake the baby up. I put make up on everyday. It makes me feel put together.

The shedding has slowed down a lot, I only got this little bit of hair after combing today. Score.

6:45 - Hubby wakes up and gets ready

7:00 - I wake Jbird up if he is not already awake, get him ready then we go downstairs to get breakfast. Hubby wakes Tman up and gets him ready. Divide and conquer is our motto. I have Jbird and hubby has Tman

7:10 - We are all downstairs having breakfast. We usually have a bowl of cereal while watching the news or sport. I also nurse Jbird during this time.

Tman loves to sit next to me while I nurse Jbird. He usually is watching an Elmo video on the computer or the Ipod touch

7:30 - Pack up the kids and leave the house. Hubby takes Jbird to my parents' house while I take Tman to daycare with me. Divide and conquer :)

Hubby putting Tman's jacket on
Since you all loved that red dress from New York and Co as much as I did, here is another peek
8:10 - Arrive at Tman's daycare, enjoy breakfast with him if he is in the mood or just drop him off. I am so lucky that his daycare is a mere 5 min walking distance from my office. Today he didn't have breakfast since we ate before we left. I still hung out with him for a bit, I always hang out for a bit because I can and he likes it.

Tman and his classmates
 Tman in front of the class' guinea pig pets, he is usually excited about them
8:30 - Arrive at work. Work is the easiest part of my day :). I am here for 8.5 hours. I pump twice while I am at work usually at 10:00 and 16:00. Gotta love having a pretty set schedule, it makes for an easygoing workday.

I have three bags you guys, my breast pump, my purse and my lunch bag. Call me bag lady
The milk I pumped today. Took the picture when I got home. I know, I am a cow at least for another 9 months.
17:00 - Leave work, pick up Tman and head home
Check this out 70 degrees in December, I told you it was a beautiful day of December
17:45 - Arrive at home. Hubby and Jbird are usually home already. Hubby works much closer to the house than I do. As soon as I get home, I change into some comfortable clothes then get started with dinner while hubby plays with the kids. Meal planning and prepping has greatly reduced the length of time I spend cooking after work.

Before we changed today, we were in the office doing something so I snapped this picture of us in front of the mirror
Hubby chilling with the kids while I am in the kitchen getting busy :). Stereotypical much.
Today I made one of my favorite meals, grilled Tilapia with rice and spinach. I always make enough for dinner and lunch the next day. Our plates before we started chowing down on some food :).
18:45 - Dinner is ready by now. If I am up to it, I'll go do 20 minutes of Zumba or some sort of exercise. If not then I'll just play with my kids for a little bit.

Today I was not up for working out so I just hung out with the kids.

19:00 - Dinner is served. We are so lazy that we usually just eat in front of the TV. Lame I know but it's just way too much effort to set up the table and all plus this way we get to catch up with our TV shows. After dinner we just chill with the kids and catch up on our day.

Hubby with Jbird before dinner
20:30 - It's bath time. We take the kids upstairs for their bath. Again divide and conquer works for us, I give Jbird his bath while hubby gives Tman his bath. It works great, we get both kids ready at the same time while being in the same room therefore hanging out :). We usually skip bath times twice a week to give ourselves a break. It's not like these kids get that dirty anyway.

Today we skipped bath time and it felt great. More time playing and hanging out.

21:00 - We come back downstairs where Tman takes his night time bottle while I nurse Jbird

21:15 - It's bedtime. Hubby takes Tman to bed while I continue to nurse Jbird who usually falls asleep on the boob at this stage. I put Jbird in the napper downstairs with us because he is going to be awake in 3 hours or less anyway, why take him upstairs.

21:30 - Both kids are finally asleep. YAY. Hubby and I hang out, just us and it's great. We catch up on TV shows (gotta love DVR), cuddle, talk about our day without screaming at a child. The bonus is because it's Christmas, we are chilling with the tree and some hot cocoa. Life is good.

23:15 - We go upstairs and get ready for bed

23:30 - Hubby goes to bed while I stay downstairs to pump while watching tv or reading blogs (yeah, I have my little me time while pumping).

24:00 - Jbird usually wakes up, I change his diaper then feed him a bottle of the pumped milk and he goes right back to sleep. I can finally go to sleep too. YAY.

3:30 - Jbird wakes up to nurse. After we nurse we go right back to sleep until 6:30 when the cycle starts over again.

That was our day in a nutshell. Our little Jbird still doesn't sleep more than 4 hours at a time but it's expected at his young age. It's amazing to me that I function so well on so little sleep and I love it. We started co-sleeping again about 2 weeks after I went back to work. I just find it much easier this way. The bonus of co-sleeping is that I get to be close to my baby all night. I only get to see him a few hours during the day so I will take it wherever I can. 


  1. Wow. Busy Day. I am totally impressed with your milk supply for the day. You go mama!

    1. Thanks Amy, I hope to make it to a year so I am a pumping machine.

  2. Replies
    1. I wish there were more hours in the day I tell you

  3. Jam packed days, and you and hubby seem to have it down. I really love that dress, I've said before. You go super mom!

    1. Awww thanks Mrs. JK, we have a good routine down right now. If I can only get my baby to sleep through the night we would be golden

  4. Wow your day sounds so long and exhausted! I'm curious about more details from your breast feeding regime -- you nurse at 7, 9, 12, and 3 and still pump 25ish ounces? amazing! I'm about to switch to pumping for 2days/week starting next January and I'm curious as to how to maintain a decent pumping schedule/regime. All in All your schedule looks grueling but you look happy and thats what matters! I hope your schedule is a little more relaxing on the weekends.


    1. Josie, I have been a zombie since the baby arrived. I am managing though and I am definitely super happy. I will take being tired any day for these sweet little boys of mine. I am definitely much more lax on the weekend.

      Pumping is like another job I tell you. Don't go too long without pumping that way your body will continue to produce more milk. I'll try to do a post about that soon.

  5. It was good to see how well you balance your day. I'll take some notes so that hubby and I will know what to do when we have our next kiddo (not any time too soon of course).

    1. Mrs. K, I am glad this was helpful, it even helped me to see what we were up to. Hope your baby is doing well

  6. Oh wow! I am fully impressed! You and your hubby ate such an efficient team.and you look so happy doing it too! I am taking tips for when I go back to work.
    Your supply sure use impressive. I pump 7 times a day and get slightly more than that total.
    Good job momma!

  7. i love this day in your life posts.

    such inspiration to read your tipical day. nursing bras are the new wonderbras, lol.

    you look great in red (is my favourite colour}
    also you and hubby our a great team {have you ever watched wonder pets- 'when we work together we got the right stuff'!
    too cute post

  8. Glad you got a good routine down.

  9. Oh wow Peg....that makes for one full day.,,I'm slacking because I'm always complaining I am too tired to work out:-) btw you look fierce going to work!