Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Weekend fun - the Thanksgiving edition

We had an amazing Thanksgiving celebration. My step sister always host and the food is always so good. We had waffle for breakfast then chilled with the kids, my mom, and one of my brothers until it was time to head to dinner. My sister only lives about 15 min away, which is awesome.

I did a mini photoshoot before we left since the kids looked really nice in their matching outfit. It was such a beautiful day so we went outside for pictures. The boys are going to wear these Christmas sweater for every party this holiday season. I am definitely going to get my money's worth on these.

Me and my sweet second boy
All Tman wanted to do was play with the leaves so I decided to let Jbird join in on the fun, hehehehe
I ended up with two beautiful pictures that I am definitely going to print and display in our house so I played with picmonkey a little bit to give them a polished look.

My mom with the boys. She is wearing a super colorful African gown, I love it

And my two boys, both of them looking at the camera and Tman even has a normal decent smile

We took a family picture before we left, of course, and my brother decided to join in on the fun
When we got to my sister's house the boys started watching the football game while the girls (except my mom and aunt) were setting things up. Tman's favorite thing to do is play with noses, what a bizarre thing to do 
Me and my sisters posing 

My mom and stepdad with my Jbird
 My sisters and niece

All the girls (minus my aunt)
My little Jbird with my brother, check out hubby chowing down on some apple pie in the background
Me and my baby self portrait style
Me and my stepdad with Jbird
My sister playing with Jbird

We had so much fun as we always do. We are hosting Christmas and I am super excited about the celebration this year, this will be Jbird's first Christmas and Tman's first Christmas where he is really aware of what is going on. 

In the spirit of Faith's #yesiamwearingthis, my outfit today. I brought out the festive colors, now that Thanksgiving is behind us, bring on Christmas. 


  1. Love the pics and the smiles on everyone's faces. Looks like it was definitely a festive Thanksgiving.
    The boys are just too cute! I love seeing.pictures of them. Always makes me smile :-).

  2. Looks like you guys had some awesome family time. Those matching outfits are just too cute. Can't get over how cute ur babies are!

  3. The boys outfits are too cute..looks like the perfect family time!