Thursday, November 29, 2012

Setting up the tree and black Friday

We managed to put up our tree last weekend. YAY. We didn't get all the decorations up right away, we had to do it over a few days but it's all done now and we are loving it. It is truly beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

Because I have absolutely no time off, I had to work on black Friday...booo. Hubby had both kids all day. He decided to venture out to check out the black Friday deals during the day, bold for sure. He only managed to get to one store but I was definitely impressed that he took both kids out by himself. I guess hubby is a more comfortable parent the second time around too.

Hubby wearing Jbird is the cutest thing 
I just love this picture

 and of course my Tman has to be in every picture. This is how they shopped all day

When I got home on Friday, the Christmas boxes came up but we didn't actually do anything with them until Saturday. Let's put some ornaments on this tree, we only managed to put up a few before Tman was done and just wanted to go play

 How sweet is this boy of mine, giving me kisses just because

Tman is seriously the best big brother always loving on his brother

Tman helped his dad put up the star. He was really proud

I managed to get a family picture
My brothers spent the day with us so I got a pic of my two brothers and my two boys. Boys and matching clearly runs in my family :)
And the final product of the tree a few days later
I am so happy that our tree is up and decorated. Now to enjoy it everyday while listening to some Christmas music. Christmas is my favorite time of the year and I am looking forward to making the most of it. My utmost favorite thing to do is to drink some hot cocoa while watching tv with the tree lights on. I hope the boys enjoy it as much as I do. Is your tree up yet? How do you enjoy it?


  1. So cute! We have a Charlie brown tree because space is a premium right now. I guest I need to set it up and also get our little one a stocking for her first Christmas. Thanks for the inspiration :-).

  2. So festive!!! I love your holiday decor.

  3. Your christmas decor is so pretty! Still can't belive its almost chritmas...where has the year gone?

  4. Beautiful tree. We put ours up last friday. The boys love looking at it and turn the lights on in the daytime when they are home.

  5. It feels like christmas in your house! I remember my mum always wearing matching outfits for my sister and I. Even to this day, whenever she sews any African outfit for us it must be the same style, color and material.

  6. Thanks you guys, Xmas is my favorite. I pretty much love Thanksgiving because it means I can start setting up for Xmas :).

    J - I love the personalized stocking, definitely get one.

    Keya - Tman is all about turning the lights on too. I think he loves the tree.

    My life in Print - I am so going to be like your mom, matching all the way :).

  7. you make me wanna set up christmas decoration in our house :)