Wednesday, March 28, 2012

We're halfway on a prayer

Thank you Jon Bon Jovi for those great lyrics. They are so appropriate for me right now :).

We are 20 weeks...woop woop. I have no more than 22 weeks (expecting this little one to be late like his brother) until i get to hold my little boy. Grow baby grow.

We had our anatomy scan yesterday and everything looks good. Baby is healthy and growing and I am one happy momma. I am loving everything about this pregnancy, the growing baby and belly as well as the kicking baby are my favorite . I am missing nothing at all. I am having another great pregnancy (I know, I am one of those woman you just want to kill).

Onto the belly picture. I had to share this front view of the pic, I just love that the belly finally popped
 A side view of the belly with my second boy at 20 weeks
 And just for comparison sake, here I am at 20 weeks with my first boy. The bellies look the same to me

In other great news, we are on our way to Disney World for a week. Hubby's cousins who live in Canada go there every year for Spring break and we decided to "crash" their party this year. They rented a villa 10 minutes outside of Disney World, talk about making it convenient. I am looking forward to the break and the time with family. I will be back with loads of pics of course.

I told you we don't take breaks around here. We are a non stop kind of family. I think with the arrival of baby number two we'll have to make some changes.


  1. You look so cute!! So excited for you! And yes... your belly looks the same!

  2. You look awesome. Have a great vacation.

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  4. you are looking great :). have a lovely time away