Monday, March 12, 2012

Babymoon Greece style

While I am on a roll on the baby topic and I am working on figuring out where we are going to go this time around, I figured I would take you back to our babymoon in Greece.

I was 7 months along (I don't recommend that long of a flight that far along). We loved Greece for sure. After living in cold Germany for years, Greece was a warm place to visit (both weather and people).

One thing I didn't like was having to walk forever to get anywhere. Most of the monuments required hikes and long walks. We had to spend a day doing nothing and just hanging by the pool so that I could recuperate.

We flew into Athens, checked out the sights for a couple of days, then took a day trip to the nearby Greek Isles of Poros, Hydra, and Aegina. We then had a day of rest then another day in the city before we left. It was a great trip.

Here we are starting the hike up to the Parthenon and Acropolis
Half way through the hike, beautiful view of the city from above
We finally made it to the top (it was a long hike)
Showing off the belly with the Parthenon in the background
View of the Temple of Zeus from above. We got to check it out a few days later
Syntagma square with the parliament in the background
Me showing off my bump at the plaka national park
On one of the islands, it was a little chilly near the water
Gotta love the beautiful houses on the Greek Isles
Having lunch near the water

Self portrait of course
Getting ready for the pool with a 7-month belly. I wore my bikini until the end (I was lucky, I had no stretch marks or anything.)

Temple of Zeus, one of my favorite picture of the trip
Gotta love self timer. We are pros at that
This was a great trip with some awesome memories. I only wish that we got a chance to go to Santorini. I guess we have to go to Greece again because I would love to check out Santorini some day. If you haven't been to Greece, you should totally put it on your list.


  1. wow... kudos to you walking around Greece with a 7-month belly!! Definitely a workout! But to go to Greece for a babymoon... I would totally do it! :)

  2. Aaaaawww the bellllllyyyyy!!!! Super cute in the bikini. WORK. IT! I am super jealous of your babymoon!!

  3. Greece for a babymoon?!? You are a lucky lady! Great blog!

  4. I love your baby bump! And wow for doing all that walking at 7 months! Looks like such a great babymoon!!

  5. It was such a great babymoon. I didn't realize how much walking I was going to do but I am glad we did Greece anyway.