Monday, January 30, 2017

Emilia's first snow and first meal

Our baby girl is growing and reaching so many awesome milestone. After she turned 6 months, we had our first real snow of the season. The boys were loving all the snow and loved introducing their sister to all the fun that comes with it. Tman requested that I put her on the floor so that she could make her first snow angel :). After the first snow, we introduced Emilia to her first meal and it was a great success.

Baby girl making her first snow angel. She was only on the ground for a few seconds and I bundled her up like she was staying outside for hours :)
Baby girl surrounded by her big brothers
The boys had so much throwing snow at each other while baby girl and I watched from the sidelines
They boys had so much fun with the snow

Bean can hold his own

We had such a fun snow day. I am usually not a fan of snow but I must say seeing how much the kids enjoyed playing in it, I might become a new fan. Tman told his teachers the next week that Winter was his favorite season because he gets to play in the snow.

Emilia's first snow day was followed by her first meal. I always wait until the baby turns 6 months then I make a big production out of their first meal. We always feed them avocado as a first meal because it's the one thing I always wanted to eat when I was pregnant. I know, I am silly like that.

Emilia was not sure about this first meal business
After each bite, she made the weirdest face
After a few bites she was holding the spoon herself. That's my girl
She is still not sure about the avocado
Daddy got in on the action too

Good job Emilia
The look on her face was priceless after that last bite, I don't think she loved that avocado at all :)
I had to take a picture feeding my baby of course
Our baby girl after her first taste at some real food. Loving her shirt and her happy smile
Our baby girl is growing like a weed and reaching so many awesome milestones. Her first snow and first meal are now behind us. She just watched the boys play in the snow and somewhat enjoyed her first meal. We are so proud of our baby girl and loving that she is growing strong and healthy everyday. We are so loving all these firsts and totally look forward to many more.


  1. Hehe, I love seeing babies reactions after a taste of their first meal!

  2. Awww....look at that beautiful face! Go Emilia! I love avocado but only mixed in with other things so I can totally understand her reaction :-D.
    Awesome milestone celebrations!