Monday, October 10, 2016

Emilia is 3 months

Our baby girl is 3 months like seriously. Emilia has been the absolute perfect addition to our family. I day dreamed about her for months, what she would look like, what she would be like, how well she would fit in our family and I must say she has already exceeded all the expectations that I had in her 3 short month here with us. I am one super happy mama, I just love this baby girl so much and I am enjoying watching her grow strong and healthy everyday.

I took a few pictures to celebrate her 3rd month of course. She wasn't feeling it and refused to smile the entire shoot. She is still the cutest little girl I have ever seen, I mean look at this sweet face
Those cheeks, I kiss them all day long
Seriously mom, you are not going to stop taking pictures of me today :). She continues to be a very good feeder, we have no complaints in that department. She is 15lbs and growing really well and we are very thankful for her good health. Check out all the rolls on my baby
Her father got her a cute onesie from England and she also got a cute hat so of course I had to take a picture to document it :). She is the perfect little model and I am totally not biased ;)
She is still not sleeping through the night but we have a great schedule going. She goes down around 11ish and doesn't wake up until 3ish for a feeding and goes right back to sleep until about 7ish. It's such a great schedule for now. She usually starts in her bed then joins me when she wakes up in the middle of the night. I am getting more sleep and I am a much happier mommy.

Check out Emilia hanging out with her daddy
I have enjoyed an amazing mother-daughter relationship with my boys and I am so happy that hubby gets to have a father-daughter relationship too.
People always ask me what is different about having a girl and I must say it's pretty much the same except for all the girly stuff (which is so much fun) and seeing her daddy interact with her
Hehehehehe, hubby hiding behind Emilia because he was done with pictures ;)
My other favorite is watching the boys react to her. They are so in love with her and always want to give her lots of hugs and kisses. They've welcomed Emilia so well into our family, we couldn't have asked for a better transition

Tman is the super protective big brother, he will do anything to make sure she is ok. He is always watching her and tending to her, it's the cutest thing
Bean is the adorable big brother, it's kisses galore for Emilia sometimes too much but of course there is no such thing. Tman was worried Bean was going to drop her so he volunteered to help him hold her :)
Jbird is another protective big brother, he won't let anybody do anything to the baby. When she cries, he runs to me and tells me sometimes holding her bottle. It's totally the most adorable thing
I love my mini me so much, aren't we starting to look so alike ;). She definitely has my cheeks and eyes
The third month was another awesome month with our baby girl. She can now hold her head better and I love that she follows me around with her eyes actually moving her head as I move away. We love every milestone that this girl is reaching and we are just so happy to have her here with us. Maternity leave is going really well and I am loving every moment I get to spend with my youngest babies. I am still at home for another month and I plan to make the most of it. Happy 3 months baby girl, we have been on cloud nine since you joined our family and we definitely don't want to land. We love you to the moon and back.