Thursday, February 11, 2016

A baby update - month 4

The baby is growing and it's about time I did another update on our little finale :). The last month has been hard but the baby is growing and we are so happy about that.

I am so happy to be pregnant again  and I am totally relishing in this being our last pregnancy. But let me tell you, this baby is killing me softly. The nausea is still here in full force, no vomiting but just a never ending feeling all day long. The exhaustion oh my, I think we spent the last 3 weekends cooped up inside because I have zero energy once we survive the week.

I was hoping the second trimester would bring me some relief but it's not looking like I am ever going to get any relief. We are trucking along though and baby girl is growing strong healthy, praise the Lord. I hate being a downer when it comes to pregnancy because it is such a special time that yields an amazing result but this pregnancy is my toughest for sure. I guess they always say girls are harder on their mamas ;).

Oh and the aches and pain are already here in full force. How is that even possible, I am barely at the halfway point. Maybe I am just getting old and chasing after 3 very active boys is just not helping. I am not going to lie, I am so glad this is our last pregnancy and not the first because I don't know how I would have been encouraged to do this multiple times.

To add insult to injury, we are taking a transcontinental (20+ hour flight) trip with the kids and we leave tomorrow. We planned this trip way before I was pregnant and I based everything off my last pregnancies. I had a great track record with 3 fairly easy pregnancies. I am just dreading the long flight but I know we will survive or at least I hope so :).

Ok, let's say goodbye to negative Nancy and bring the old cheerful happy Pegster :). Despite all the nausea, tiredness, aches and pain, I wouldn't trade this for anything in the world right now. I am so looking forward to July when I hope I get to hold my 4th baby, my last baby, and my 1st daughter :).

Look at that profile from our 12-week appointment. Doesn't she look like she is waving at us :)
I have been taking front and side pictures of the bump. From the front it doesn't seem like much is happening but it is really obvious from the side that there is a baby growing in that belly

15 weeks with baby #4

16 weeks with baby #4, the blizzard of 2016 was in full effect. I actually took the pictures while it was still snowing :)

 Honorable mention of hubby working hard to clear our driveway during the blizzard :)
17 weeks with baby #4, it was a sunny day a week after the blizzard but we still had snow on the ground

18 weeks with baby #4, the snow was completely gone at this point

My babies decided to run out on the deck with me so I included them in the picture :). Hanging out with Jbird, Bean and baby girl in the belly :).
I have also decided to have fun with my hair this time around since I will lose it all in a few months anyway. We added some layers and turned the bangs into side bangs. I like it a lot
Totally loving my hair right now
My heart is so full right now. I am literally on cloud nine and just soaking in every minute of our last pregnancy. In the midst of all the nausea, fatigue, and just overall harshness of this pregnancy, I am just so thankful for a growing baby. Everyday I pray for a safe delivery and healthy baby come July.


  1. are absolutely glowing! I love how you turn a negative feeling into positive ones! I think girl pregnancies are a little more challenging because of the additional hormones. At least that's my theory anyways. Of course, I don't know any different.
    Love love love your hair! It definitely suits your face! Did your mom decide to go natural? If so, how is it going?

    1. J, this pregnancy has been so much harder than my boys, thank goodness it's a girl :). I am loving my hair right now too but I know it won't last so I might as well.

      My mom did start her natural hair journey, she's is only 2 months in so not much is going on right now. We'll see where she gets in a few months ;)

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  3. Hey Pegster, I just saw you on WJZ news today where you were talking about the sexual assault situation in the Prince George's county school. I was like I totally know that celebrity (lol).

    Congrats on baby girl.

    1. LOL Yewande, this just made me laugh so hard. I got my 5-seconds of fame :).

      Thank you so much for the sweet comment. We are super excited to meet this little girl come July :)