Thursday, March 5, 2015

Bean's 1st birthday celebrations

We celebrated Bean's 1st birthday this past weekend and it was a great success. We invited family and friends over and we showered our little boy with lots of love and attention. First birthdays are my absolute favorite because we not only celebrate the baby but also the family for surviving the first year :). I think Bean enjoyed his day. He did sleep for half the party but we were definitely there to celebrate him.

I ordered a cute shirt for him to wear (like I did for his brothers on their 1st birthday). Here is the birthday boy with his birthday shirt. He was 23lbs at his 1 year appointment.
I used the same theme that I used for Tman and Jbird's birthday (I am such a lazy parent). I just ordered the decorations online and added a few touches here and there. It was a prince theme and I totally personalized everything with one of my favorite photos of my little man.
The invitation, next to his brothers invitations (I saved them for posterity sake)
The cake that we personalized with a pic of the invitation
The birthday banner with the food table, personalized banners are my favorite
The favors, also personalized
Our family was there to celebrate our sweet boy, we are so lucky that they live so close and we get to enjoy them daily.

Hubby with Bean, I love this father and son duo :)
3 generations, me, my mom and Bean
My grandma, nephew and dad with Bean
My sisters, mom and grandma with Bean
Hubby's parents with Bean
My brothers with Bean
Our friends also came out to shower our baby with love and celebrate his first year with us. We are lucky to have friends with lots of kids so it truly was an enjoyable time for the big boys as they mingled with the other kids

Father and babies, no sweeter sight
My friend D and her kiddos
Me and my friend L, our youngest are 6 months apart. We've been making babies together for the past 5 years :).
J was there with her growing family
J and C came out to celebrate too. Gotta love blogger friends turned real life friends
We were one big happy family hanging out and mingling
Bean passed out while he was hanging out with his granddad and slept through the chaos. That's my Bean.
We had to wake him up to cut the cake, poor baby just wanted to sleep forever.We gathered everyone in the family room so that we could get a group picture once it was done.

I love this picture because everyone is smiling away. Check out hubby with the big boys, my mom and hubby's dad with their big smiles
 Check Tyler in this one, he was so excited about the cake
 And we managed to get somewhat of a group picture :)
Now it was time for the smash cake :).  Hubby's mom made Bean this awesome chocolate cake just for him. It pays to have grandparents around :).

I love the look Bean is giving me here, seriously mom, you want me to eat this whole cake? lol
 Ok fine, just try a little piece then
I then cut a smaller piece for Bean to enjoy
 Everybody wanted to help him with it
 I love this pic so much, Tman's hand was covered in cake and I was helping him with it :)
 Jbird enjoyed some cake too :)
First birthday celebrations for Bean were a great success. I can't believe my kids are 4.5, 2.5 and 1.God has truly been good to our family. Happy 1st birthday sweet beanie baby, we love you to the moon and back.


  1. His little face was everywhere. That cake is awesome!!! What a fun party for everyone. Happy Birthday!

  2. I can feel the love in the room. Looks like everyone had a great time. Happy Birthday Bean!

  3. Happy birthday Nathan. You're an absolute delight! Your birthday party was awesome! :-)

  4. It looks like such a great time! And so cool that J was there! I want that cake, looks so delicious!

  5. What a fun party. I loved the theme, the banner, decorations, cake and Bean's cute little birthday shirt. It was great seeing J & J there, too.

    Happy 1st Birthday Bean!

  6. Happy birthday to Nathan! It was such a fun event...I'm proud to say I attended one of your events...a good time was had!

  7. Oh my goodness one year already!? What a sweet boy!