Saturday, February 7, 2015

Happening lately - Winter 2015

I fell off the weekend fun bandwagon a few weeks back but I am hoping this hodge podge helps me get caught up with what we've been up to. The past few weekends were spent hanging out with my cousin S, the boys really enjoyed having her. We were busy running around all weekend.

Last weekend before we headed to the mall, I took a picture with the boys all dressed up. It is now my new favorite pic of me and my boys
The sleep situation in our house is not the best, we are working on fixing things but right now it's pretty crazy. Tman has been sleeping in our bed forever and we were fine with that. Jbird was doing so well sleeping in his own bed until a few weeks ago when he decided that he wanted to sleep with his daddy too. So now hubby goes to bed with both boys, I know that's crazy

This is how the boys start their night
Then Tman and Jbird migrate towards each other

Some nights, if we are lucky, hubby will separate them
Tman always stays in our bed (by the way, we do wear those Christmas pajamas all year)
Our sleeping arrangements are not the best. We need to get those boys out of our bed pronto. I do love that the boys always want to spend time together all the time.

Whether they are watching TV in the basement
Or chilling on the couch upstairs
I digress. I was hanging out with Tman the other night and he requested that we take selfies. How is my kid old enough to understand the concept of selfies. I am totally enjoying my Iphone and all the fun apps and things I can do :)
We made chocolate brownies the other day for Jbird's class. It was a bonding exercise for the parents and the kids and we were supposed to make something with the kids and write down the recipe. This was a fun exercise, Tman and Jbird really enjoyed it.

Before we started, I took a pic of Jbird with the ingredients (don't mind me, I used the boxed mixture)
Mixing the ingredients together
I split the ingredients in two so that Tman and Jbird could do it together
Tman loved this mixture
Jbird loved making the brownies
The boys were so proud of themselves. They talked about it for days. I wished I took a picture of the finished product. It was so delicious. I guess we'll have to make another batch :).

Oh hi there Bean, you are so handsome
My brother came over the other day and all the kids piled up on him, Jbird was not loving it but I love this picture so much
 My cousin S with Tman and Jbird the day before she left
We took the boys to the mall on her last day here and after shopping we let them play for a bit, they loved every minute of it
Look at these happy faces
Bean came with us too
My cousin S with the boys chilling at the mall
It's been a crazy busy, yet fun few weeks. Though I don't love Winter, I am enjoying the fun times we are spending with the boys indoor. I hope you are all having a great weekend.


  1. Aww they are so sweet all snuggled up! Love it.

  2. I love seeing pictures of the boys. This is so cute! They really are the cutest.

    Please share tips once you are able to get the boys out of your bed.

  3. That was great that the boys made brownies. I love the selfies and the pic of you and the boys at the top of the post, too.. :)