Saturday, January 31, 2015

Hanging out with my cousin Sophia

My cousin Sophia who lives in London came to visit for a few weeks. You guys, I used to change this little girl's diapers when she was a baby and here she is today a grown up going to college and everything. We saw her in November when we visited England. She got to hang out with Bean and it's nice to have her here because she gets to hang out with Tman and Jbird too.

Tman was totally into making faces with us and I just love this picture of us with Sophia
While we were hanging out with Sophia the other day, Jbird fell asleep with my brothers and I couldn't resist taking this picture of them :)
My mom, the boys and I hanging out with Sophia one night. Young kids make faces for everything these days (I am starting to sound like my mother)
Sophia's only request was to have pancakes before she left so we took her to Silver Diner. My brother J joined us for some fun time and I was impressed at how well the boys did. We don't take them out to restaurant much anymore because it is always a production but I was so happy that this time they behaved well for their auntie

Tman and Sophia are so adorable together
 Tman and my brother J waiting for their food
 I love my family, every little event turns into a memorable event :)
 Check out my Jbird and Bean chilling and relaxing
 All of us at brunch, I love this crew
 My mom and Bean
 My brother J keeping Tman and Jbird busy
  After Silver Diner we went to visit my aunt and had such a great time
 Picture in the mirror with my Beanie man, look at that sweet face
 Sophia got so much love from Bean who is learning to kiss without opening his mouth by the way
Family time is totally the best time
Sophia leaves in two days, I wish she could stay longer. We've had so much fun hanging out with Sophia the past two weeks, we definitely have to do that more often. Hope you are all having a great weekend.


  1. Bean is resembling Jbird so much now. Your children are so adorable. I agree family time are the best times

  2. Great pics. I always enjoy time with my family, too... :)