Monday, November 4, 2013

Weekend fun - Chilling and relaxing

We didn't do much this weekend and it was awesome. I so needed the break from the hustle and bustle plus it's nice to have easy weekends once in a while. Also I didn't want to do much since I am traveling to Canada with the boys in a few days for an extended weekend. I am so excited about this trip, I am going to visit one of my BFFs. My mom is coming with me on the trip that way my hubby can get a free weekend to do boy stuff.

Anyway, back to last weekend. Guess who is 24 weeks, woop woop. I am so happy for every milestone that we hit and this is a pretty sweet one. I am doing great all around, still extremely tired but I am beginning to think that exhaustion is just going to be part of my life until this baby gets here (and beyond, no rest for the wicked). Baby #3 is a mover and a shaker I tell you, we can feel him on the outside now and it's pretty cool. All things considered this is my easiest pregnancy, say what? (I am knocking on wood right now because I might just jinx myself.)

24 weeks with baby #3, so happy the boys somewhat cooperated for this photo
Front pictures don't do justice to the belly because from the side, there is definitely a huge belly
On Saturday, I hung out with my grandma and we visited a family friend who recently had a baby. I swear, there is something in the water because everybody is pregnant or giving birth these days :). I am so glad I drank the water too :). It was such a fun low key afternoon.

On Sunday I hung out with my mom all day, we went shopping with the boys. I haven't been shopping in so long (I always buy everything online now) that I actually really enjoyed this. We went during naptime as we always do and while the boys (well Tman really) slept we got our shopping on. It was awesome.
My mom and the boys after we were done shopping
After shopping we went home to watch the game (well the end of the game). The boys had their team jersey on and so did my little niece. I know right she is joining in on the fun. Since all of them were in matching outfit, I of course went into full photoshoot mode.  Clearly wearing our team outfit paid off because we won this weekend, woop woop.

My beautiful niece who is 5 weeks now, she is the sweetest little girl you guys
I attempted a picture with all the kids, my boys were so not interested
 My mom was luckier, here she is with all her grandchildren
I love this picture of my brother and his fiancee with the kids representing with our team's gear. Go Redskins.
My grandma didn't want to join in the photoshoot because she said she wasn't dressed up but of course as she noticed that we were all having fun she jumped in :).
PS - check out this picture of Jbird with my niece on Halloween, I just love it, he is going for the bow and laughing and my princess is just like, boys what can you do. Love these two.
We had an awesome weekend doing a whole lot of nothing. We need more of those in our lives. I am so looking forward to our trip to Canada in just a few days, eeeeek. Hope you all had a great weekend too.


  1. Beautiful preggo pix. Your hair looks great. Although low key it seemed like a great weekend.

    1. Thanks, it was a great easy weekend for sure. I am loving my ahir right now for sure

  2. LOOK at that perfect belly!! :) You guys are serious about your 'skins!!

    1. Thanks girl. We don't mess around in skins nation, hopefully we do well this year

  3. Those weekends full of nothingness are SO NICE! That's how our weekend was and it was just what we needed!
    You look SO great, momma! And your boys are the cutest! I love that they have no interest in the camera ;)

  4. Cuties alert!!! I love the picture with all of the kids! Gosh...I'd be hugging and pinching each kid's cheeks :-). Yes, I have become one of those cheek-pincher adults :-). They are all so cute!
    You look great girl! Looks like you're all belly! Congrats on being 24-weeks. We absolutely have to catch up soon!

  5. seriously if i was your hubby i would have you pregnant all the time ... you are so beautiful! pregnancy suits you so much ... such a glow to you! your hair looks fabulous too!

    looks like a great weekend. loving all these family pictures, they make me smile! and of course i love the matching jerseys!

  6. you are just glowing Peg...and the family in their Redskins it. 24weeks...the time is flying. and Nathan may be a football (English version) in the making!!!

  7. You're looking great!! And reminding me I still haven't edited my bump pics! haha. But loving your family pictures!! So much love...