Saturday, August 24, 2013

A girl is coming to our family

My brother's girlfriend is having a baby girl next month. Eeeeek, I am so excited to meet my very first and only niece. So the day after Jbird's birthday, I threw them a coed baby shower.

We were so tired but somehow we turned the house around from a mess to a pink heaven :). This is the first grand daughter for my mom and she is thrilled. My boys are going to have to protect this little girl, I am sure they will take on that job like it's going out of style :). So yeah we decorated the place a bit to make it somewhat girly

A little welcome sign at the door
 "It's a girl" banner of course
We also had a pink table (don't mind Jbird's blue birthday banner)
 And some favors
It was a surprise shower, she had no idea. I am so proud of my brother for making it happen and making sure she was wearing pink on that day
The future parents, I am so happy for them
 Me and my aunt, chilling at the party
According to a Cameroonian saying if you are carrying a girl then the baby boys in the family will flock to you (and vice versa). It was definitely true for these two. Jbird loves her so much, they are best pal.
There was some yummy African food and in good African fashion, there was some dancing too. Who has a party without dancing??? not us. Check out my grandma and my aunt cutting a rug :)
Then we had some cake, it was so yummy

 The future parents
 We took a few pictures

The boys had the most fun with the balloons at the end of the night

We showered my little niece with love and it was definitely a great success. I am so excited about this little girl's arrival. This might be my only chance of having a little girl so I will be taking advantage of every minute. I already have matching bows for me and her and as soon as she is big enough, there will be matching outfits too. Prepare your eyes friend, it's about to get girly up in here :).


  1. Hehe you make me smile :)

    Looks like such a great time! Congrats to the parents to be :)

    You look so good in red!

  2. Aww how sweet of you to throw a surprise shower. Your SIL is glowing. You have SUCH a beautiful family!

    1. Thanks Josie, she is definitely glowing and enjoying her pregnancy.

  3. So beautiful. You are awesome! I am sure your family knows this already. For you to turn around and throw her a baby shower a day after having lots of kids in your house? You're a rock star in my book!

    1. Awww, thanks J. I try, I try and it's nice when someone appreciates it.

  4. Yay baby girls!!! That was so sweet that your brother helped plan a surprise show, it looks like a really great time :) I love the pic of your grandma citing a rug! Your family knows how I have a good time!

    And matching bows? Who would have thought?! Lol. I like matching things on family members too :)

  5. Wouldn't it be sweet if your little nugget turns out to be a girl. She and her cousin would grow up to be the best of friends :)