Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Weekend Fun - Meeting fellow bloggers

So this weekend was pretty awesome. In addition to my regular hanging out routine with the boys, I got to meet two fellow bloggers. I have enjoyed following their blogs so when the opportunity to meet in real life came around I got super excited. J and Mrs Pancakes are both new moms too, we met for lunch (without  the kids) and had an awesome time giggling away and sharing baby stories. It was great, we are definitely doing this again. We also got the inside scoop on #projectmilf ;).

Me, J and Mrs Pancakes chilling at lunch, 2 glorious hours of girl talk later :)
Have you met some of your favorite bloggers in real life? You should totally do it if you have a chance, it was a lot of fun. I really like blogging and the opportunity to meet wonderful new friends.

Now back to the weekend. After bath time on Friday, we let the boys play in their diapers. Really Tman was running away from us and ended up on the bed jumping up and down. He was super cute as usual so I got the camera.

Tman having fun jumping on the bed, Jbird is so confused

I was able to get a picture of the boys just sitting. Big boy Jbird sitting all by himself (so proud of this kid) and Tman with his super cute smile (I love my kids)
Hubby broke the party and got Tman ready for bed. I couldn't resist taking a pic of my boys
The next day the boys spent some time playing in the playroom, I love watching them play together
I love this pic of Jbird and hubby, they are watching Tman jump on the trampoline and they seem to have the same posture and facial expression. Too funny
My boys hanging out. Tman and the kindl, he didn't want to share with his brother or look at the camera for that matter
My mom and Grandma hanging out with Jbird while I was out meeting J and Mrs Pancakes
Hubby and Jbird, these two are so cute together
And a self portrait of course. Tman was sleepy and wanted to cuddle then of course hubby decided to copy him by laying on my shoulder too. My hubby is too funny, even Tman thought so, he started smiling when his daddy did that
And since I haven't done one of Faith's #yeahiamwearingthis in a while and because I actually got dressed up this weekend, here is my outfit. My shirt and boots are from Macys.
This was another great weekend, a perfect combination of relaxing and hanging out. Hope you had a great weekend too. Did you do anything fun?


  1. Those three ladies in that first pic are really awesome bloggers, u lucky fish ;). Sounds like a super weekend. Love the outfit!

  2. How much fun! I love your outfit!
    So neat you got to hang out with some bloggers!!

  3. OMG! so awesome that you got to meet them! i need to meet some blogging friends :)

    LOVE your outfit.

    your boys are the cutest!

  4. It was awesome to hang out:-) and oh the boys love it...how fun are they?!

  5. That's cool you got to meet some of your favorite bloggers :) I've met a few of my fellow blogger but ao many live so far awaybit would be impossible to get together!

  6. soooo nicce when you meet fellow bloggers!! Great pictures of the boys!

  7. Yay for blogging friends! SO awesome that you guys got to meet and have some girl talk!

  8. I want to meet some of my blogger-buddies also! How awesome. By the way, you are GLOWING in the last picture -- simply beautiful. Sounds like a fun weekend.

  9. I had such a great time meeting you ladies. Looking forward to our next outing!

    Love the pics of the boys. So cute! Your hubby is too funny trying to imitate Jbird!

  10. It was so much fun meeting J and Mrs Pancakes (again). I definitely was a big fan of our outing

  11. okay, i want to start something here. we should do a skype meet-ups, if not i will never be able to meet some of my favourite bloggers. I am coming to America and I want to meet as many bloggers as I can meet and you are on the top list :).

    Cute, cute boys, love JBird's rolls :)