Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Sunday game day

Our Redskins did an amazing job this past Sunday. Ahhhh we are going to the playoffs. I am so happy. Clearly 2013 is looking to be pretty good right now :). We hosted a game party and it was a great success. Our friends from Indiana were in town as well as my friend Melissa. My brothers came over as usual and a few of our friends that live locally. We definitely had a full house and a great time was had by all.

Some of the guest watching the game (side note, check out our fall pictures that finally made their way on our wall in the family room above the couch. I printed them on canvas and they turned out so good.)
My friend was visiting from Indiana with the kids. That's her second boy that we visited in March and went to LA with last Summer
The girls hanging out in the playroom because clearly chit chatting was not allowed in the family room where the game was on. Men and their rules I tell you
 We tried to take a picture with our boys but they weren't cooperating so we decided to try again later
Check out my Jbird sitting like a big boy and watching the game all decked out :). He clearly brought us good luck this kid.
Jbird and Zach with my grandma. She just wanted to hang out with the babies and we did not mind at all because that meant we could mingle and drink the night away. I love this woman and we are so lucky that she is so strong and here with us today.
 Melissa did get some hanging out time with Jbird during the game, smart girl
She also got some hanging out time with Tman, these two are just too cute together
There was some wine drinking, gotta love not being pregnant during the year end celebrations
Tman and Jason hung out and played a lot together. They have so much fun together now that they are bigger. I love that they play together now instead of sitting next to each other :)
 How precious is this, the boys hanging out in the trampoline watching Elmo on the Ipod touch
We tried another picture with our boys and we got something decent, love it. Can't believe this is our 3rd Christmas celebration with these big babies. Blessed indeed.
Then we let the boys jump on the couch as a reward for sitting through a photoshoot :). This is Tman's favorite thing to do. Now you see why we had to get him a trampoline
We attempted a picture with both kids each and that did not happen. The big boys were just too busy playing to join us. Oh well, I still love this pic. How do we have 6 kids between the 3 of us, wow, just wow.
C and I hung out a lot all evening. We don't get to see each other enough these days so we have to take it wherever we can get it.
What a great game day Sunday. The party was a hit, we had the best time hanging out with our close friends and family, and best of all our Redskins won. Sweetness, we are going to the playoffs, YAY. I had to work the next day and was hurting like crazy. Luckily this is a short week. Bring it 2013, we are ready for you. Hope you all had a great Sunday game day too.


  1. Your boys are so adorable! That pic of Jbird sitting there watching the game had my giggling! Congrats on your team doing well! Looks like you all enjoyed yourselves!! Happy New Year!!

  2. What a fun time! Love that you and your girlfriends have babies the same age!

    Love all the pictures!! Truly looked like loads of fun!

  3. Love the picture of a Tman jumping on the sofà and the onde with you and your friends and your baby boys and big boys.

  4. We definitely had loads of fun, thanks for the sweet comments. I love that me and my girlfriends have kids around the same age, it's definitely been fun sharing in that experience