Sunday, December 10, 2017

A trip to Sesame Place - Part 2

Our second day, we spent the entire morning at the water park and the kids loved it
How sweet is this picture of my mom with some of the grandkids. Look at Jbird hugging his cousin with so much love
Hubby and Tman waiting for the water to come down on them
After the waterpark, we had reservations for lunch with Elmo and his friends
Hi Grover, photo op with a character of course :)
My mom is so awesome, she is so hands on and helpful that she makes traveling with 4 kids such a breeze
Do you love that coordination my sister in law did with her kids as much as I do
This is one of my favorite picture. My friends K and M came with their 3 kids and it was so hard to get everyone in a shot the whole weekend. Somehow we made it work :)
The characters walk around the dining room the entire lunch hour and the kids just loved hugging and greeting them :)
A cookie hug :)
Look at them loving on cookie monster
High five cookie
   Oh hi Abbie, my kids were in heaven I tell you

 Then there was a dance party, my kids favorite thing to do
Lunch was a great success. As soon as lunch was over, we were out and about again. Check out the kids with their bubble guns
Emilia was pooped at this point. Check her out napping in the stroller
I always tell people that a great stroller is essential when traveling with kids. Look at my happy Bean over there
We went on the carousel at least five times because there were no crowds. I love this picture with the boys on the carousel

Check out Bean and my sis in law chilling
My big boy Tman
Then off to T-Cups we went, don't mind hubby's 'I don't want anymore pictures' face
My mom was riding with her girls
It was rides galore, look at my happy Jbird

We left early to go back to the hotel so that everyone could take a nap. We were planning to come back later for the night parade
Good thing we did because these kids were pooped
A few hours later, we were back for the night parade. It was so beautiful. I am so glad we came back

Oh hi big bird
At some point, the boys joined the night parade

My baby Bean
The husbands here for moral support :)
My little sleepy face Emilia. The whole weekend was definitely too much for her but luckily she can sleep anywhere
The next day we packed our bags to go home. I wanted to stop in Philadelphia to check out the Liberty Bell since it was 4th of July weekend after all. Let me tell you the craziness that was there. We just gave up and went to the Rocky steps intead

Poor Emilia was asleep as usual so we just chilled with the boys

We had the absolute best time at Sesame Place with the kids. They are at the perfect age where they still think it's the best thing ever. I am hoping to take them again next year when Emilia is bigger and can partake in all the fun. Love this family picture with Elmo :)
Thank you for an awesome weekend Sesame Place. We will be back.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

A trip to Sesame Place - Part 1

We took an awesome trip to Sesame Place this past 4th of July weekend. I love looking back at posts telling the story of the fun things that we did so I am trying to get caught up with all the awesomeness from our Summer. I have so many pictures that I will break this post in 2. We had tickets for 2 days at the park.

The first day we were there all day and didn't take a break so the kids did not last until the night parade. We decided to take a break the second day and come back for the night parade. It was a great idea because they were rested and excited to come back at night.

We met up with a few friends and their kids and it was a crazy kid fest for a few days.
Look at our group getting ready for a picture :), beautiful chaos
My niece came with us
The carousel ride was a huge hit
Picture attempt with the boys
My mom carried Emilia all day and pushed baby H in the stroller
Hubby and the big boys
Selfie on the ride
Look at us having lunch. I told you we had a huge group
Tman is such a jokester, always trying to be funny
That Tman I tell you
My babies who always sleep on the go
We spent half the day at the water park and it was grand. My mommy with the big boys
Twinning with my mommy. I love it so much and I hope my daughter loves doing this with us one day
Hubby took a power nap with the babies. I couldn't resist taking a pic when I found them like this
We did the day parade and the kids loved it. Hi Grover

We also went down the lazy river

Girls looking super cute
 That night the kids wore matching jammies. I think that will become might thing with my 4
We had a super busy first day at the park and the kids loved every minute of it. All the adults were worn out. When we came back to the room it was bath followed by bed. The next day was another beautiful adventure.