Friday, February 1, 2013

Travel - Berlin, Germany

We went to Berlin 4 years ago. What a great trip. Berlin is a beautiful and very cosmopolitan city. It also has that new feeling to it compared to other cities in Germany, probably because it was bombed so much that they had to rebuild a lot of it. We wished we had more time to explore all that Berlin had to offer and planned to go back for more but alas we never made it back there.

Our usual thing is to take self portrait pictures in the hotel while we are just chilling and hanging out, clearly we are very bored in hotels. My hubby doesn't like to get his picture taken (ah the irony) even worse he used to never smile for any of my pics. This first pic is funny because he wanted to prove that he could smile and showed all his teeth hehehehe.
We always take loads of pics with all the sights thanks to yours truly. I am not afraid to ask a complete stranger to take pictures of us. Here we are at the Brandenburg gate.

We met up with my half sister while we were there and this was the first time we saw each other since I got engaged hence the ring picture
Postdamer platz is a popular place in town
I am such a poser
  It says Berlin Wall 1961-1989
Yep, goofballs indeed
We had to check out checkpoint charlie of course, my hubby was not impressed

This was an actual piece of the Berlin wall, I am touching a piece of history here
LOL. A Berliner is a pastry filled with jelly and someone who is from Berlin is also called a Berliner. You can imagine the jokes that can stem from that. It doesn't explain why I am attempting to eat the picture of a pastry.
 Me and my sister cheesing for the camera

I always show my teeth for pictures so hubby's goal on every trip is to get a picture of me not showing my teeth, clearly he was victorious here
We wanted to buy this bear but they weren't selling it, I guess we'll just take a picture with it
This was my favorite picture of the trip, I so love this man

We had so much fun in Berlin. Definitely put this destination on your list if you are ever in Germany. It's definitely worth checking out. If you like history you will be in for a treat. I have enjoyed this trip down memory lane. This travel series is definitely a favorite.


  1. This looks awesome , I never wanted to go to Germany before now :) It looks like so much fun!

  2. Very nice! You sure did look like you were having fun. Hubby & I are planning on visiting my sister in the Netherlands this summer and then spending a few days in Germany. I may be in touch to get tips of places to visit.

  3. That pic of you two that is your favorite is sooo good! A framer for sure!
    Looks like a great trip! Hope you get to go again!!

  4. Awww, this post brot back some good memories. I have pics at all the places u went, except with tonnes of snow. Looks like u guys had a jam!

  5. I love that you and hubby are such travelers...great trip! I have always wanted to go to Germany!!

  6. This looks so GREAT! I need to go to over there, I especially LOVE the pics of you and your sis! :)