Sunday, January 20, 2013

Playing in front of the mirror

Thank you for all your sweet comments on my Jbird's 5-month post.

You know what happens when you have nothing better to do right, you start taking pictures of yourself in front of the mirror. Well that's what happened to us anyway. We didn't leave the house the past few days and just chilled at home and it felt great. We got caught up on house stuff, laundry and all that jazz. I am actually sitting here chilling with two kids asleep at the same time :).

It all started with me and Jbird taking pictures in front of the mirror earlier that evening
 Then when we came up to get ready for bed, hubby and Tman showed us their crazy faces
Then Tman got flipped upside down
 My hubby is such a goofball, he was going all out with the making faces game
 How funny that Tman was really trying to copy hubby's face
 hehehehe, don't give the camera to my hubby, he is crazy
 Then it was tickling time

Then it was time to actually get ready for bed
We had a great low key weekend. I am so excited that we get to stay at home with the boys tomorrow. I love 3-day weekends, thanks MLK. What better than to make faces in front of the mirror when you are bored? What crazy funny things do you do with your family when you are bored?


  1. I just love this post! Y'all are the cutest!!

  2. you guys are suuuuch an adorable family! i love it!
    when patrick and i get bored, we typically watch movies and order pizza. it's pretty unoriginal, lol

  3. lol.. you guys are all so cute! Not going to lie... it was the baby who cracked me up the most. I wonder what he was thinking watching you all act so goofy. :)

  4. lol, you guys are hilarious.

  5. Hahahaha, u guys are just too cute. Those faces crack me up.

  6. We are pretty silly around here :)

  7. THIS is my kind of family photo session!