Friday, January 18, 2013

Jbird is 5 months

My Jbird is 5 month, oh wow. I can't get over it you guys, every month I am more baffled at his growth and amazed at how fast things are going.

He is doing so well my baby boy. He still eats like a champ and I couldn't be happier about that. He is nearly 20lbs, wowzer.  Crazy, I tell you, crazy good. He is still exclusively breastfed. I am not ready to start solid (just another darn thing to do) plus I don't think he is hungry (I mean look at his fat rolls). We are waiting until he is 6 months to start, that's when Tman started too.
He can get up from a laying position, there are clearly some abs under all that fat :). He loves to grab onto anything and everything around him. He loves to eat his feet and we think it's so funny. They must be delicious
He is so alert and has the best grip. He loves to blow raspberries all the time. Tman is always telling him to stop spitting when he does. He can sit unassisted for a little bit, so awesome considering how much he despised tummy time.
He is still a calm and quiet baby for the most part. He is so mellow like his dad. He still doesn't sleep through the night but that's nothing new. He slept 5 uninterrupted hours a few nights but nothing consistent. I am a happy zombie over here. I think this is God's way of thwarting any baby fever and it's working. Until this baby sleeps better, I will be locked down better than Fort Knox.
And that's a wrap. My Jbird is clearly done with our photoshoot at this point. I love that I caught this action shot.
His brother still loves him to pieces. The kissing never stops and Jbird does not seem to mind
I hope these two become the best of friends 
I can't believe you have only been in our lives 5 months my little Jbird, you fit so perfectly with our family that we feel like you've always been here. We love you Jbird, you complete us so well

It took a whole 5 months but I finally have just as many pictures of Jbird and Tman on our walls. I had to move a few pictures around the house so that we could keep a themed grouping. But yeah, Jbird is a full fledged member of our family now :).  

The black and white pictures of the boys.
The color pictures of the boys.


  1. Five months?! omg time is flying way too quickly!! He is so cute!! I can't believe he is almost 20lbs. How fortunate for you to have a calm baby -- Ian is a piece of work lol. And I totally understand what you mean about being a happy zombie -- it's the best birth control ever.


  2. No, really it feels like just yesterday when you introduced youe gorgeous Jbird to the world. he is adorable. i love the pictures with his big bro, they are such cool kids :)

  3. JBird is so cute! Can't believe its been 5 months already. Time does fly!
    Lol@fort Knox. I hear ya though!
    Have a fabulous weekend!

  4. Kinda overwhelmed by how time flies. Love the wall pictures of the boys. They looked so much alike!

  5. Your boys are adorable and I love, love, love the pictures. :-)

  6. Goodness! He is adorable!! Those cheeks!!

    I think they will be the best of friends! Just look at them :).

  7. They are too cool for school! Happy five months to j bird, I need to rearrange my pictures most of my pics have my Oldest only! Smh

  8. hello Pegster, I wanted to send a request Faith and I are planning. Can I have your email address?

    have a great weekend

  9. Thank you ladies for your sweet comments on my little Jbird.

  10. Happy 5 months J Bird!! LOVE those cheeks!! He's getting so big I can't handle it!! Way to go mom on the weight gain though...and exclusively BF-ing?! Wow... amazing!