Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Sunday game day - end of the dream

My beloved Redskins played well but ultimately were kicked out of the competition. We were so bummed but so happy to have had such a great season. My hubby really wanted to go to a game so with his sister and boyfriend in town there was no better time. The tickets to the Cowboys' game were ridiculously expensive so when we saw great tickets for the Seahawk's game it was a no brainer. They were so stoked about it and had such a great time. I really wanted to go with them but my African blood just cannot stand that much cold weather for a long time. Maybe I will go to a game in September when it's nice and warm :).

The whole family got decked out in Redskins gear before the game. My Tman looking cool
 Me and the hubby
 My Jbird representing in his Redskins' gear :)
 These guys are true fan and it is so much fun watching the game with them
We took one last picture (go RGIII) before they headed to the game
They left the house super early in order to beat all the traffic. Here they are walking toward the stadium

 On the metro on their way to the game
 Check out that stadium. The stadium was so empty when they got there

 Now we are talking, check out how packed that stadium is just a few hours later

My poor hubby was so cold, that's why I didn't go. I couldn't have lasted the whole game
YAY, go RGIII. My hubby was so glad that he got to experience a playoff game at the stadium
 I mean look at this, I am so glad that they were able to go to a game
We didn't win this game but we had a pretty good season. Next year is going to be amazing, I just know it. Maybe I will buy a Jersey so that I match with everyone plus I think that might bring us luck. We all know how much I love matching :). I hope that you had a great Sunday game day and that your team is still doing well in the playoffs.


  1. haha yes, even as a new blog reader I can see how much you love matching ;)

  2. So cute. You and your Redskins! Hubby is the same way! I am sorry they lost though. Hopefully, RGIII isn't hurt too too bad and can make a good comeback next season.

    1. You know he is making an awesome comeback. I am with your hubby

  3. This is a really great blog. I like how you take pictures. I'm also sorry that the Redskins lost. They were a really great team.


    1. Thanks Gina and welcome to my blog.