Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Weekend fun - Denver bound

My BFF D is getting married in Denver, Colorado this week and we are all going, woop woop. We are taking the kids with us since my mom so kindly agreed to come with us. This will be our first trip with all 3 kids. Lord help us, if this is a success, I am sure there will be plenty more in our future :). I am also super psyched that my friend Melissa will be there too :). It's going to be like a mini reunion like we did last October when we visited D in Denver.

My friend recently posted this awesome throwback pic of us  from about 12 years ago hanging out in NYC as you do when you are in College and love "Sex and the City" (the TV show). We haven't aged at all :).  Look at my belly, it is crazy that it used to look that good and I thought I was fat (life is funny like that)
I also received these gems in the mail last week, the boys outfit for the wedding :). I seriously cannot wait to put them in this, eeeeek
We are loving Summer and the beautiful weather that it brings so we are spending a lot of time outside doing water play. My boys love water and it's the easiest way to entertain them; All I need is a water table, some cups and hours of entertainment follows. Bean just watches from the sidelines.
 This particular day the boys didn't want to get out of the water so we just took our bath outside
 My mom stopped by to hang out with the boys after work and spent some quality time with Bean
Anyway, back to the weekend. This was a low key weekend with only one playdate planned so I decided to hang out with my grandma the whole weekend. Now that she doesn't watch the kids full time, she doesn't get to see them as much so I make an effort to bring them around often.

On Saturday morning, we woke up and had a chilled morning before heading to my parents' house in the afternoon. It is so nice not to have to rush anywhere. We watched some soccer with hubby and this is how we were chilaxing on the couch during the penalties. Joshua was whining so he didn't make it on our pic
Since everyone was dressed up and looking nice, I went into full photoshoot mode as I do :). I was lucky that the boys cooperated and I was able to get some decent pics.

Tyler is so protective of his baby brother, look at him holding him so that he doesn't fall
 My new favorite pic of my 3 favorite boys :)
 Me and my 3 sons
Hubby didn't want to fight the kids for a pic so he went with a pic with the easiest of them all right now. Hubby and Bean
After the Brazilian game, we went to see my grandma. Tman passed out as usual so we left him at home when we went for a Costco run.

I love this pic of my grandma with Jbird, it's a bit over exposed but I still love it. Jbird's smile is infectious, such a happy kid my Jbird
 Us at Costco. I want to be just like my grandma when I grow up
On Sunday, I went to pick up my grandma and we went to a friend's house to hang out and such. My grandma was so happy to spend some quality time with the kids. I must say I love that she is not watching them full time anymore, now she actually enjoys.

My grandma with Bean. This is how they spent most of the afternoon
 The boys on the other hand spent all their time playing with water
My friend's daughter loved holding the baby though he is almost just as big as her :)
Loving on my Beanie baby
Another great weekend was had by all. As much as I love partying and taking the kids to parties, I definitely love low key weekends. Good thing we got some rest because next weekend will be busy busy. Hope you had a great weekend too.


  1. Cuteness!!! That picture of all 3 boys on the step should be framed. I love it!

  2. I seriously look at pictures of me back in the day and think you are so silly for thinking you were fat, haha. I think no matter what we are never satisfied!

    I agree with J! Such a framer!

    Beautiful pictures :)

  3. Great capture and the boys are so adorable.

  4. I love that the boys indulge with pictures...too cute! And yahhh grandma is back!!

  5. I love this post. You know, I used to think I was fat when I was younger, too. I agree with Faith, what on earth were we thinking... lol.

  6. look at that chunky bean! you looked so good back then and still do now mama!! can't wait to see pics of the boys in their suits!!