Monday, July 21, 2014

Weekend fun and a few house updates

We had lots of things going on 2 Saturdays ago, it made for a busy day. That was ok since we spent the Sunday just chilling and relaxing. I swear we say we are going to slow down but there just isn't any sign of doing that around here. I guess we just like to be busy. I must say I love that we can still do things despite having small children.

In the morning we met with a friend at a playground and let the kids play while we caught up on life. though I have small children, I still like to catch up with my friends without kids it just has to be somewhere I can let the kids have fun while I do my thing. That's the life of a parent, if you want to hang out with them you better be ready to do it at a playground ;).
My big boys doing their thing on the slides

After the playground fun in the morning, we went home for lunch and a nap before heading to a local park for a birthday party. More playground fun YAY. You know my kids were in heaven and so tired by the time we got home :). We love to wear them out like that. This playground in the park was actually pretty awesome. We'll definitely bring the kids back here since it's a short 10 minutes to our house.

Selfie time with my Bean
The boys doing their thing, look at those happy smiles

 By the time we left, Bean and Jbird were passed out, YAY
Two kids down and one to go :)
 Hubby bugging my sleepy Jbird
Hubby makes time to work out, he runs 4 times a week. Sometimes though working out means doing an ab workout in the family room  so that he can watch the kids while I make dinner or something. Well Tman now loves to copy everything that his dad does, it's funny to watch. Check out my boys doing their workout :)
As far as the house updates go, here are a few that we completed recently. I watched a lot of HGTV and followed loads of blogs about home stuff and I had been dying to get some of our space decorated. I am not really inspired when it comes to decorating so obviously it had to be easy and brainless :). Also I am a huge bargain shopper so unless it's on sale or I see value in it it's hard for me to buy stuff. I think we did good with these updates though.

We added a shelf for the coats and gloves as well as a shoe rack in the laundry room as I was tired of tripping on shoes left and right. The space was completely transformed and I am now happy to use this area everyday. For less than $150 ( coat rack ($85), shoe rack ($15) for both, plastic containers ($15) for two, baskets ($15) for two), we completed our mudroom
We also got a few things for our patio. I had been dying to spruce things up a bit out there and I finally pulled the plug when I saw these awesome patio chairs on clearance a TJMaxx. Now all I want to do is sit out there and enjoy the space.
check out my Tman posing for me
Hubby and the boys playing with water outside as they do in the Summer
Me and my boys, totally posed but hey I would never make it in pics if I didn't plan :)
I am really pleased with the final result. For less than $150 (the chairs ($125) for both and pillows ($20)), our patio area is now completed. I might add an outdoor rug to pull things together but I am waiting for them to go on clearance :). Bargain shoppers unite. Hope you had a great weekend too.


  1. I love that you make time to spend with your friends with kids in tow, so awesome :)

    Love the house updates, I miss doing those! And yes, bargain shoppers unite, haha!

  2. Don't you just love HGTV? Next to Lifetime Movie Network, it's my favorite channel. The patio chairs are really nice and I just love how you organized that corner of the laundry room... :)

  3. Way to go on the DIY items! They turned out great! I an HGTV addict.

    I know what you mean about trying to slow down but always having a full plate. I don't even know how it happens but somehow, that's us every weekend!

    Hope you had a good week.

  4. Woohoo at making time for friends. Isn't great that the kids can play at the playground for hours and not get tired. I love when boys copy their dad's working son does lunges with his dad and it's the cutest thing ever! And Yaah for the home updates...they look good!! The backyard looks inviting!!