Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Tman is 4 years old

My big boy Tman is 4 years old. Wow, my little baby that I prayed for, took 9 months to bake until he finally braced the world on 21 July 2010 is 4 years old. I can't even get over it. He is such an awesome big brother to our Jbird and Bean. We were truly blessed when he came into this world and the blessings continue to rain on our family.

I want to wish a Happy 4th Birthday to my beautiful and amazing Tman that so beautifully introduced me to the joys of motherhood. He is the most vivacious and outspoken 4-year old boy you will ever meet.

We are having a joint birthday party for both Tman and Jbird in a few weeks since their birthdays are so close together. I did want to celebrate each boy on his actual birthday so we had our family members over for cake and a little celebration.

Our little family on Tman's birthday
 The boys with my family, Tman was all over the cake
The boys with hubby's parents
All Tman wanted was a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle cake so we indulged
All of us minus hubby
 Oh hey there hubby, you made it in the picture :)
Happy birthday sweet boy of mine, you made me a mom and changed my world for the better. May the Lord grant you many more years of joy and happiness.


  1. Happy Birthday T-Man! Can't believe he is 4 years old already?! I feel like he was just a baby!

  2. Happy 4th birthday, Tman! That is awesome. I love all the family pics, too.

  3. Too too cute!!! Happy Birthday T-man. Can't believe he is 4 already! How awesome! Looking forward to celebrating with you all soon.

  4. Happy 4th bday...hope it was a great one!! So exciting that he is turned 4!!