Tuesday, July 8, 2014

We are back from Denver

We are back from Denver, YAY. We traveled with the kids and we survived to tell the tale :). First of all let me tell you that traveling with kids is exhausting and tiring but we wouldn't have it any other way. We love to travel and we love to be with our kids so that's pretty much our only option. Now I can go back to being super happy and positive about our trip :).

We had an awesome trip, though if you ask my husband he would say "where we on the same plane?" My view is that the kids did amazing because no one had a meltdown and no one had a blow out :). We actually got an hour and a half of quiet time when the kids where all asleep at the same time. I mean you can't beat that on any flight with 3 kids under 4 years old.

Hanging out with the kiddos at the airport

Our motto for this trip was to do as many activities to keep the kids happy and not attempt to do crazy adult things unless it was for the wedding and that really paid off. We spend time in the pool at the kids' request and they were such happy campers.

We soaked up the sun and enjoyed some time in the hotel pool. It was such a great idea. The kids loved every minute of it. Our family of 5 ready for a dip in the water
My mom was there too and she snapped some awesome pictures of us in the water.

On 4th of July, my friend hosted a pre-wedding and holiday celebration. It was such a good idea, she invited everyone from out of town and her future hubby's family and we had loads of fun mingling and meeting everyone.

All ready to head to the party
 Me and my BFFs with Bean
 Life size Jenga in the backyard, what up
The following day was the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner BBQ. Another awesome family fun event. We went to Cheesman park where the wedding was going to be held then went to a BBQ at one of the brother's house.

Before the rehearsal, my friend Melissa joined us for some more pool time. The kids loved every minute of it.

I just love this picture of hubby and Jbird asleep on the couch. Pool time was tiring I tell you
After nap time we went to the rehearsal followed by a photo op in front of the Denver botanical garden (I love taking pics with signs it's my thing)

After that we went to the pre wedding BBQ where the boys had a ball
 My mom and Bean chilling all night long
The wedding day was so beautiful, the happy couple said their vows in front of family and close friends. I am not a huge fan of outdoor weddings but I must say it was a great idea with the kids. They were able to run around in the back while things were going on and didn't get so bored.

The couple saying their vows
Since we were all dressed up, I went into full photoshoot mode and snapped some awesome pics of our little tribe :).

Me and my hubby, we clean up good
 I love my family :)
With my mom and my friend Melissa
The next day we rested before catching our flight home. We did go to a record store downtown (my hubby always finds one in every city we travel to) followed by some smoothie time before heading to the airport.

Hubby and Tman going in the record store, sharing his passion with his son. Tman loves to be on hubby's shoulder
It's smoothie time at Red Mango in Denver

It was such a whirlwind yet beautiful trip. It wasn't easy to travel with the tribe but it was so worth it to all be there together to celebrate my BFF on her special day. Now I need to go take a nap or something :). Hope you had a great 4th of July weekend.


  1. Girl, you really are awesome! I am impressed with your travel skills especially with 3 under 4. You look great and are always smiling. Your hubby sounds like mine. I count small victories :-).
    Welcome back. You all looked fabulous!

  2. You guys look so cute in your blues at the wedding. And it's so true-when it comes down to it the kids are in charge. If they are happy then you are happy!! Glad you had a nice trip.

  3. Woohoo...I love how you guys do the divide and conquer method...so helpful that way! Love your dress and how cute are the boys. Your friend's dress is gorgeous!!

  4. Fantastic trip! Love the family photo from the wedding!