Tuesday, July 15, 2014

A wedding in Colorado

The day before the wedding, Melissa came over to our hotel so that she could go swimming with the boys. After breakfast and such, we were in the pool for some fun times. I tell you, my boys love water like you wouldn't believe. All they want to do is stay in the water all day. Melissa had fun with Tman who was now more comfortable in the water and loved the fact that he could float. He wanted to be dunked in the water and wanted to swim to us to show off his skills. This kid I tell you

My hubby was just chilling on the sidelines taking pictures of us and just looking cool. I mean look at this handsome guy with his sunglasses (PS - he is loving the fact that he can wear sunglasses now since he had lasik last fall)
Tman and his aunt Melissa doing their thing in the water

Swimming to Melissa and so proud of himself
They really had a ball these two
After playing in the pool all morning, it was time to get ready for the rehearsal followed by the rehearsal BBQ. Nothing interesting happened at the rehearsal, we let the boys run around the ground and play so that they wouldn't get too bored. Hubby joined them at one point and it was so funny to watch

Jbird and my mom chilling at the BBQ
Bean and his aunt Melissa
Me and my girls. I miss seeing these girls often, I wish we could go back to living together again, those were some of the best years of my life.
My boys sleep everywhere I tell you. Even Bean is starting to do that, check him out passed out in the backyard
  Happy wedding day
You know I had to get a nice coordinated look for our family with my boys matching :). This is just what I love to do. I must say I was pleased with how everything turned out.

 Father and son, they are too cute
Me and my hubby, we celebrate our 5-year anniversary next week, crazy I tell you
I love this pic of the family running in the grass. The boys loved the freedom. I loved that they were able to run around, it would have been a pain trying to contain them
Heading to the reception with a sleeping Bean and active Tman
I pretty much spent the afternoon dancing with Jbird on my hip. I love this awesome pic of me holding my Jbird and rocking out that someone took at the party
I told you my boys sleep anywhere. Check out Jbird passed out at the reception
Hubby multi tasking with the boys the next morning. See, he still has one hand available to do things :)
Frozen yoghurt in the city before we left, YAY, the boys loved every minute of it
So happy that we had an uneventful trip, on our way to return the car selfie :)
  And because we like pics with monument, my mom and I with the kids at the airport :)
My BFF had an awesome wedding and I am so glad that we were able to be there to celebrate with her. Our trip to Colorado was a great success. Until next time


  1. You always seem to make the best of every situation. I love that about you.
    What an awesome trip. Love that 3 kids haven't slowed you down!

  2. I love how fun your family is...and the kids being kids and you allowing them to just be. Makes life so much easier huh?! I am learning not to try and control every situation with good behavior...kids are going to be kids. love the pic of you and Bean dancing.

  3. I see it was another fun weekend... lol. I enjoy your blog so much. I really do. I love all of those pics and the boys look so handsome in their suits... :)

  4. Awww... Peg you look absolutely amazing!! Look at your awesome family!! Missed you guys! Had to pop in to say hello!!