Friday, July 11, 2014

Bean is 4 months

My little beanie baby is 4 months and we are so in love with him. He is still the happiest most adorable baby out there (I know, I am clearly biased). His brothers were also pretty good at this age, I guess I am just lucky to have happy go lucky babies. When I did his 4 months photoshoot, he was so engaged so I snapped a million pictures. I hope you are ready for the overload of cuteness.

Bean is still a rolly polly and I love it. His cheeks basically cover his face :). Jbird and Tman had some big cheeks too but Bean's are the biggest at this stage. He is much more like Jbird personality wise; he is calm, cool and collected.

Bean was a whopping 17lbs 11 oz at his 4 month appointment. It's no surprise as he is my best nurser. He is so efficient on the boob. I am so happy that we have an awesome nursing relationship going. 4 months down only 8 more to go :)

He is also the best sleeper of all my kids at this age. He is sleeping a solid 5 hours every night, wakes up to nurse then goes back to sleep. Mommy is a happy camper. When I plan things right, I go to sleep within 20 minutes of him being asleep and I actually get a decent night sleep. Luckily for us he doesn't want to sleep in the bed with us yet so it's just us with Tman and Bean in his bassinet next to the bed. I pretty much do a happy dance every morning when I wake up. Next up is to get him to sleep 7 or 8 hours. We'll be golden.
Bean is such a happy baby, he smiles on demand and for no apparent reason. All I have to do is look at him and it's smiles galore. He loves to snuggles and so do I, so we spend lots of time snuggling. This baby makes me so happy. You are such an amazing baby and we love that we can already see your personality shining through.

Bean now  rolls over all by himself from back to front and front to back, watch out. We can't leave this kid alone anymore he will be all over the place.

he is also trying to sit up all by himself now and though he only lasts for a few seconds, he is right back up trying to do it all over again. He loves to sit up and refuse to stay down now

His brothers are still so infatuated with him and it is so much fun to watch. They want to do things with him which makes me so happy, they flock to him if he cries, they want to feed him, and they want to play with him. Jbird calls him by his name now and Tman now says that he has 2 brothers :). He is so loved.

My baby is 4 months and I can't even get over it. I know, I say this every time. We are so happy that Bean is growing into a happy easy baby right now. We have the best routine going on with him and his brothers right now. Though we are busy, we are also extremely efficient and that is because Bean makes it so easy for us.

Each of my babies changed me, made me a better loving mom. I am so grateful for my precious boys and the joy they've brought to our family. We love you Beanie baby. Happy 4 months on this earth sweet boy of mine. I love you more than words can express.


  1. gorgeous post. thanks for sharing :)

  2. Awww... Happy 4 months been. He is a cutie! I need to know your secret to nursing for the next kid (not pregnant). ☺. You're super mom!

  3. He has such a cute smile!!!!

  4. Happy 4months Bean. He is just too adorable for himself.

  5. Your kids have the cutest...most edible... (I can say that cause I'm a mom too) ... cheeks I've ever seen!! Just wanna chew on them (<--ok, that might have gone too far haha) Happy 4 months sweet boy!