Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Weekend fun - the Halloween edition

We had such a fun weekend full of Halloween activities. I always prefer to do those on the weekend because it's hard to do trick or treating with little kids during the week. We'll eventually have to go out at night but we'll wait until the boys are old enough to force us to go out during the week.

We started the festivities with a costume party near my parents' house and before we did, we of course took a million pictures all geared up :). We were a spiderman family this year. I love the idea of family costumes for Halloween.

Our family costume Halloween 2013
 Hubby and Tman, how adorable are they?
 Hubby and Jbird, my baby was fascinated by the mask
 Me and my spidey boys
I did put the mask on Jbird for a second because he kept reaching for it but he definitely was not loving that mask on his own face
I also got a pic of my mom with the boys before we left. How cute are they?
The party was entertaining but we didn't really last. A local mall was hosting a trick or treat event for kids and we decided to take the kids to the mall for that instead of waiting for the week and brave the cold at night in our neighborhood. We put the kids in their costume and to the mall we went. Hubby refused to do the matching costume for the mall, oh well we can't have it all.

Me and my spidey boys at the entrance of the mall (PS - we got a new double stroller and I am in love, I've totally joined the BOB revolution. You know you are a mom when you get excited about a stroller I tell you)
Tman is passed out as usual, this kid gets his nap in no matter what. Check out Jbird reaching out for his brother's hand
After Tman woke up he was a man on a mission when it came to going after the candy

 Even Jbird had fun with collecting candy

 Me and my boys, all Jbird wanted to do was run away
Though this picture is blurry, I love it because it captures my littlest man in action running around the mall like a crazy person. I was surprised that he was having so much fun
 The boys were worn out after all the trick or treating
Trick or treating at the mall was such a great idea, we were able to do it on the weekend at our own leisure and we didn't have to worry about the boys being cold or Jbird falling from running everywhere. It was such a great idea.

Our Halloween celebrations were so much fun this year. This is the first Halloween Tman was really aware of what was going on. He had so much fun, he wants to do it again. Poor kid doesn't realize he has to wait another year. Hope you had a great time celebrating this Halloween.


  1. Your matching costumes is so adorable! Looks like you guys had a wonderful time especially the boys

  2. So much fun! I'm seriously in love with your family and all the fun activities you do together! These matching costumes are the best!

    Glad they had so much fun! Now I want candy. Am I too old to trick or treat? ;)

  3. Pegster you are amazing. How did you manage to find a whole family halloween costume! BTW, you barely look pregnant -- how is that so?

    I love the new stroller! It will be perfect for the arrival of the little one!!

  4. You guys looked fabulous! I love the skirted costume for you!!

  5. You guys are my favorite family!! Love the costumes!