Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Girlfriends' weekend in Denver, Colorado

I took advantage of the holiday weekend to go visit my BFF Deb in Denver, Colorado. We planned this trip months ago me and my other BFF Melissa. We decided to both head out to Denver and turn this weekend into a girlfriend hang out.

Melissa, Deb and I were college roommate for years then we got an apartment off campus and lived together for many more years. Then life happened and we all moved to different parts of the countries. These girls are my BFFs and being able to hang out with them together is always such a treat.

Mel and I flew into Denver on Friday night and flew home on Monday night. I should have totally taken a day off on Tuesday, I was worn out from all the traveling. Luckily, I am off on Friday so I just have to make it through the next few days. Hubby was a single parent over the weekend and both kids were alive when I came back so that's great success (expectation is everything :)).

Well hello Denver, so nice to see you.
We spent the whole night chatting away and making plans for the next few days. It was grand, it reminded me of the days when we lived together and would stay up all night talking about boys. The next day we went to the Farmer's market in the morning and got some goodies and pumpkins
 Later that day we carved those pumpkins
I was chilling with baby #3 on the sidelines while the girls worked hard at carving the pumpkins
Melissa showing off her carved pumpkin
The final result that night, pretty cool huh? Sally looks so realistic
 Me and my girls ready for a night out on the town
 A beautiful night out walking downtown Denver
We had dinner at a really cool restaurant called Steubens. The rootbeer float were to die for
The next day we walked around downtown Denver enjoying the sun but really it was so cold, I had my winter down jacket on. Everybody else was wearing short sleeves, crazy.
 Then we had lunch in the city before going back to Deb's place where we watched lots of movies
We were trying to copy the statues in this park area, don't mind us we do bizarre things sometimes
The next day, we had brunch and hung out some more before heading to the airport
 I enjoyed a few last drinks at the airport with Melissa before heading home
I had such an awesome time with my BFFs but I was so happy to come home to my sweet boys. Check out Tman smiling away for me. He was clearly happy to see me :). I love my boys
Girlfriend weekend getaway was a great success. I know once baby #3 is here those will be far and few between if at all. I mean, I couldn't possibly leave hubby with 3 little kids by himself. I have one more ladies weekend and a trip to Canada with the boys coming up in November. After that I can rest and recuperate and prepare for baby #3's arrival. I tell you, we like to be busy around here. Hope you all had a great 3-day weekend too.


  1. How fun! You look really good. Your hubby is brave to take on 2 boys by himself for an entire weekend. Kudos to him!

    You are such an awesome friend. I should do better as far as traveling to visit with friends but I am so lazy 😃

  2. I love that you took the trip to hang out with the girls and enjoy yourself before baby #3!! The pictures are so cute and I love the little girl too!! The boys always looks so happy and playful!

  3. so much fun! i love that you went out to see your girlfriends and that hubs watched the boys on his own :)

    you look amazing! glad that you had a great time.

    and the picture with you and your boys ... the happiness melts my heart!

    i am so excited for baby #3's arrival :)

  4. such a cute preggo belly, oh my gosh your friends are talented. I can barely slice bread. :)

  5. What a great hubby!
    These pics of you & friends are so pretty.

    Baby # 3! I'm so glad you are having a great pregnancy!!
    What a blessing!