Monday, February 11, 2013

Weekend fun - the valentine edition

What a great weekend we had. We got some one on one time without the kids courtesy of my lovely mom and we loved it.

We are not really big on Valentine's day but when my mom offered to watch the kids on Saturday so that we can celebrate Valentine's day we jumped on the offer. No need to tell her that we don't really celebrate anymore. I guess you can call it our Valentine's day celebration. We went to a late lunch and watched "Django Unchained" afterwards. Lunch was great and let me tell you the movie was awesome, Quentin Tarantino did not disappoint. If you like his style don't miss this one.

Before we left we took a picture all dressed up as we do :). The kids were sleeping so we didn't get a chance to do a family photo. Oh well, there is always next time
 At lunch I asked my hubby to make an interesting face and this is what I got, he is a riot
 My interesting face was a lot more exciting I think
 It was a gorgeous sunny day so we walked around a bit after lunch

 Then we went to the movie theater and enjoyed watching a 3-hour movie without interruption
The kids were really good to my mom, they both napped for over 2 hours and when they woke up they just played and hung out. My mom said that she had a great time (but of course) and will be watching the kids again in a few week so that we can get some more quality time together, YAY. We are truly lucky.

My mom and Jbird hanging out when we got home
 These two I tell you. Tman did not want to share the kindl and Jbird was not having it. I have a feeling these two are going to fight for toys a lot
 Look at Jbird's face, he is fixated on that kindl
Sunday was spent lounging around in the morning. Tman decided that he was finally  ready to share the kindl with Jbird. He didn't do it for a long time but it was so sweet. Here he is showing Jbird a video and actually letting him watch and hold. Love these boys of mine.
 We spent the afternoon with a friend whose daughter is a mere month older than Jbird. It was loads of fun, they didn't get to play together as Jbird just wanted to hang out in the bjorn but maybe next time. Tman on the other hand chased their dog the whole time.
 When we got home, we just hung out with the boys and watched the Grammys
 My boys have so much fun together already. Tman is such an entertainer, always doing fun things for his brother's enjoyment
 Me and my boys, life is good
In the spirit of Faith's #yeahiamwearingthis, my outfit from Saturday; the shirt and boots are from Macy's while the leggings are from off broadway shoes.
What a great weekend. Hope you all had a great weekend too. Did you do anything fun?


  1. It was our 11th Anniversary Saturday and we went to see Django Unchained too and we loved it!! Great minds think alike! ;-) You guys look great all dressed up, glad you had a good weekend!

  2. Wow, 11 years, how amazing. Congratulations!!! Great minds do think alike :)

  3. Aww, u look stunning. You are so lucky to have your mom close by and often give you guys time to yourselves. Sounds like a lovely weekend! We also don't really do valentines.

  4. Looks like a lot of fun and I love your outfit! :-)

  5. Wonderful pictures & I LOVE that outfit!!
    Happy LOVE day!!

  6. You guys are just too cute! Its always good to get alone time with your hubby! Also, look at those boys of yours! MAJOR cuteness!!!

  7. you are too cute. i love how your mother is there to take care of the sweet boys when you need some quality times together.

    love your outfit :)

  8. Thanks you guys, we are lucky to have my mom around

  9. I love these posts!! Your family is so precious! Glad you were able to get out for a date night! Your outfit was amazing!! GO Mama!! :)

  10. Love the outfit...and I love you guys were able to get out on a date!! Hubby is funny!

    1. Thanks Mrs. P. He is definitely a funny character :)