Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Tman is 2.5 years

My first boy is getting bigger by the minute. He is now 2 and a half years, less than a half a year away from 3 years old. Crazy I tell you, crazy good.

He is such a fun kid to be around. One of my favorite thing to do is just talk to him. I always end up on the floor laughing so hard because he is the funniest kid. He is a talker like his momma and a total jokester too. The other day when Jbird was crying he told me "momma, Jbird is hungry, please give him the boob" then he turned to Jbird and said "please don't bite momma or there will be no more food for you". I couldn't stop laughing for the longest time.

I was having a conversation with him the other day and it went something like this
Tman: Momma, J is for?
Me: J is for Jbird
Tman: No momma, J is for Juice

When did my little baby turn into this big kid? I am not sure but I will take it. My son is such a poser, definitely gets it from his mama.
I got these cool shirts at Universal Studios in Orlando. My first child, my first boy. How did I get so lucky? I am not sure but I am sure enjoying the ride and this sweet face makes it so worth it.
This kid is always in action so it's no surprise that all he wanted to do was jump up and down. This picture is actually pretty cool
He is just a great big brother to our Jbird.  They are always having so much fun together. Check out my Tman goofing off during the photoshoot
What are you saying momma, I can't hear you. This kid seriously makes me laugh all the time
He does pay attention to directions and here he is smiling as I requested
My Tman is a happy boy, despite his crazy moments, he is almost always happy and ecstatic about things. He is telling me here that I did a great job and he is clapping for me. Thanks my son, it's nice to be appreciated.
 If he thinks I am wrong about something, he gives me this face. My baby is already old enough to scold me, unreal
My Tman is such a smart kid. He learns things so fast whether it's the alphabet, numbers, colors, shapes, or songs. Nothing is too much for him. Check him out, so prouf of himself riding his bike.
He has the best smile, sweetest personality, and is just the happiest kid. I mean look at this smiling face
Happy 2.5 years to my first son, the boy that so beautifully introduced us to parenthood. We are so in love with this sweet boy of ours. Thank you God for this blessing.


  1. Aww Happy 2.5 TMan. Lol at the piece of advise on boob-biting to JBird. Your babies are just too adorable. Love that you are already having conversations with TMan.

  2. Awww...happy 2.5 years tman.You sure are one handsome young fellow!

  3. Love those tshirts!! So cute!
    He is adorable, Happy 2.5!!!

  4. He is so precious! You can tel you're a proud mama!! Love the Thing 1 and 2 shirts! lol

  5. Happy 2.5..that smile melts me every time!!

  6. Thank you so much for the warm wishes and sweet comments. Tman is such a joy in our life.