Monday, February 4, 2013

Scenes from the weekend

This weekend was a super chill weekend. We had absolutely no plans that included leaving the house at it felt good. This is my kind of weekend with this cold weather around here.  We did host a Superbowl party on Sunday but we didn't have to leave the house so that is always a plus :).

The weekend started with snow everywhere. It didn't stick so we didn't get to play in it but it was still pretty. Tman was so excited about the snow, maybe I'll take him out to play in it next time
We stayed inside and were very cosy, so of course there was lots of picture taking. My sweet Jbird was being a total ham and just wanted to cuddle. We definitely indulged

The boys chilled on the couch with us. Tman chowing down on some oatmeal
Well, hello there handsome boy. My Jbird looking cool as usual
The boys played together, well really they watched Tman jump up and down. Tman loves his trampoline. This room will be our formal dining room one day but for now we use it as a playroom for the kids.
I had a fun time taking self portrait with my boys. It was just me and Jbird at first then Tman wanted joined in
Tman really got into it (he truly is my kid :)). He was asking for a kiss here
When my Tman wants a kiss he definitely gets it. Ah the joys of motherhood
We decided that it was about time to give the boys a bath together. Tman was so happy and excited while Jbird just enjoyed chewing on stuff.  We enjoyed a 3-hour nap with them after this. It was grand.
Tman actually requested to sleep with Jbird and read him a book. It was too funny, Tman was making up the story as he went. Jbird just wanted to eat the book. These two are my favorite and watching them interact is the best ever.
I am always looking for delicious new recipes. So when Kathy recently posted a recipe for a crunchy garlic chicken, I had to try it. Let me tell you it was awesome. Thanks for sharing that recipe Kathy, it's definitely a keeper.  

We took a family self portrait and were actually able to fit everyone in the picture. We are getting good at this and I just love that my Tman is always so happy
And check out this collage I made of the boys. These are pics of the boys around the same age (4.5 months). I have always known that they looked alike but seeing these next to each other, wow. My boys are clearly related :).
It was a great relaxing weekend. We got to chill with the kids. Hope you had a great weekend too.


  1. your boys do look very similar side by side in the last pic! Tman is such a good big brother, its great that he looks after his little brother and likes to play with him :)

  2. What a fun weekend!. Your boys are definitely related! They look so much alike at the same age.

  3. They look so similar! Wow! I love that he's reading to his baby brother! So sweet.

    I want to try the chicken too after Kathy posted it! It looks and sounds delicious!

  4. Awww, I just want to squeeze those cute cheeks. Looks like a very relaxed weekend. Mmmh, that chicken looks so good. I need to start cooking more!

  5. Your boys are definitely twins!!! lol, just one is a whole lotta "minutes" older than the other :)

  6. The picture of t-man reading jbird a book is so sweet...Also, you put the prince lionheart seat into the tub?! such a good idea... See Pegster... I'm learning alot from you and your blog!

  7. Found your blog through Ms. Pancakes. Your boys are ADORABLE! Glad to find another mom blog to follow!

  8. these scenes from your weekend are so sweet, they warm my heart :)

  9. omg T-man's smile in the 2nd to last pic!!!! TOO CUTE! And him kissing you...ADORABLE!!!!! J-bird is getting so big!! I'm loving that he's getting to enjoy some quality time with his big bro!

  10. Your weekends are always so fun...and the are so making want another how they interact with each other!! So sweet!