Monday, February 25, 2013

A day at the museum

My BFF Melissa wanted to come visit the boys but she was booked for the next few weekends.  We decided to take a day off during the week and take Tman to the museum of natural history that way we could hang out and he could get some indoor fun activity. I was sold, I love to take time off to hang out with my kids whenever I can :).

The museum of natural history made the most sense because Tman is fascinated by animals right now. Whenever he recites the alphabet it's all about the animals, it always goes something like A is for ants, L is for Lion, T is for Tiger, and so on. He is also into dinosaurs and what better place for this.

At the entrance of the Dinosaur exhibit
I took loads of pics and Tman and Melissa hanging around the museum :)
We spent a lot of time in the dinosaur exhibit, Tman was fascinated. I ended up getting him a T-rex and a dinosaur book

Teeth, look at those teeth. These two are so funny together. I love it
This is where I am from :). We couldn't resist once we found a map of Africa in the African section

We went down to the water area and saw a giant whale, Tman was fascinated. W is for whale :)
 Then we played with the aquarium, Tman was loving it

 Then we went inside the butterfly retreat, look at all the colorful butterflies
 Look at that beautiful butterfly on Melissa
 Surrounded by butterflies
We went down to the museum store and bought a book and a T-rex for Tman, my boy was so excited
Melissa is a riot :), she geared up for Jurassic park
After a fun filled day, Melissa hung out with the boys at home

Tman wanted to read the dinosaur book before bed, this kid is officially in love with dinosaurs. D is not for dog anymore but for dinosaur now :)
What a fun day. I truly enjoyed taking the day off to hang out with Tman and Melissa. We had a ball at the museum. With the persisting cold weather, another trip to the museum might be in store for us in the near future. Do you sometimes take time off impromptu to do fun things? Isn't so much fun?


  1. Aww what a great best friend to hang out with you and the kids! It looked like lots of fun!! Impromptu anything is the best.

  2. Impromptu trips always make for a fun day. Looks like so much fun. Must have been an absolute adventure for Tman, judging from the pics.

  3. This sounds like so much fun. Perhaps I'll try it one of these days after the move. Only thing is I'll be doing it to catch up on my sleep :-).

  4. I love this! Such a fun, neat thing to do! T-Man is so smart knowing all that! Wow. I also love that he is loving to read :).

    Glad he had a great time.

    And your girlfriend! You can tell just how much she loves your kiddos! So sweet!

  5. That looks like so much fun, we should have a bloggy date when I get to MD and take the kiddos there. It one of our favorite places to visit in DC. ;-)

  6. This looks like fun!i needtlan a trip to the museum to see the dinos, like you I will most likely need to take a day off. The pic with your bestie and TMan with the teeth is too funny :)

  7. My very first boss was from Cameroon! I absolutely loved her! What a great trip to the museum!

  8. That looks like a fun trip and Tman and you ladies enjoyed every minute of it!! Love the bff's Jurassic outfit. And yes love between her and Jbird..too cute!