Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Weekend fun

We had loads of fun this weekend and I am still paying for it, I am so tired that one day wasn't enough to recuperate. See, hubby's friends invited us to go on a bar crawl on Saturday (which inspired me to post about our bar crawl in Prague). We weren't too sure about it but when my mom asked to watch the kids, we figured we should. We put the kids to bed around 9:30pm then headed to the city.

It was a Xmas themed night, so we put on our Santa hats and took loads of pic :).

Inside pub number one drinking the night away

Hubby and his friend who was an elf

Inside pub number two, dancing the night away

We only managed to go to two bars, it was already 2:00am and we were worn out

We got home and before i knew it Jbird was awake. I finally went to bed around 3:30am. I was so tired. I slept in but I was still so tired when i woke up. I came down in the morning to hubby and Tman chilling with the Xmas tree lights on. I just love this time of the year,
Me and my boys chilling by the tree later in the day
Tman and my brother
My family
My mom and the kids. I love this pic
My mom and Jbird, look who is trying to sit up all by himself, such a big boy
And in the spirit of Faith's #yeahiamwearingthis, I took a picture of my mom in her dress on Sunday. We went shopping earlier and got some boots. Doesn't she look so nice?
And this is what I was wearing on Monday, colors are in my friends. The dress is from new york and co. I love that store.
That was our weekend. I am totally still recovering from Saturday's festivities. I think that I am just too old for that s***. I am going to wait until Jbird is at least sleeping thru the night before doing anything like this again.


  1. Pegster!! You look amazing!! I want your dress!! And your body looks incredible! Wow!!

    Haha, your pub crawl experience sounds a lot like ours, haha. I'm too old too and no kiddos so I have NO excuse!!

    Looks like a fun night though!!

    And your mom is a beauty!!

  2. Wow, look at you. One would never believe you had to kids with a bod like that! Love the dresses.
    Looks like you guys had a blast with the bar crawl.

  3. You are WORKING that red dress! Body is ON POINT! Looking good!! And you look just like your momma (who by the way looks fabulous)! Twinsies!!!

  4. You guys are too cute! I can't remember the last time I went on a bar crawl. I am definitely getting old :-). Love your mom's dress. You certainly get your good genes from her! You look great!!!

  5. Glad you guys got to go out.

  6. uuu. ulala, bellissima. you look one million dollar in that dress.

    when i was reading i thought those pictures where your prague time... good time out about town :)

  7. Thanks you guys, you really are good to my ego. Thanks for all your sweet comment. That red dress was definitely a good buy. I read your comments to my mom and she was giggling with excitement.